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  1. Yes when I've taken lessons in the past I always nail the woods. It's when I'm actually playing I can't seem to pull it off. Oh well I literally just got a new 3 wood and I've had pretty good luck on the range so far. I'll best testing it on the course this weekend.
  2. I saw a post about golf equipment upgrades earlier. I was just curious how many of us bought new clubs with the stimulus check. I know I did. New driver and 3 wood. Lol probably the only highlight of Covid. Stay safe guys!
  3. I got a TSi3 driver and 3wood. Everything else is staying the same. P790's for the irons,volkey wedges and spiderx putter. I did however get new shafts in my irons and wedges Px7.0 . And a cool new putter grip from sweetrollz.
  4. It's also possible you don't use those clubs because deep down inside you know they aren't that great. I always try making my weakest club as good as possible. For me it's always been my 3wood off the deck. I run through those more than any club in my bag. I just got the Tsi3. Maybe this year it will be my best club.
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