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  1. I am tempted but my club hoe days need to come to an end
  2. The only balls I will be buying in 2022 are noddles .
  3. Man y’all got me really excited for Nike Vapor Flys that come tommrow !
  4. I keept trying to like Maltby but it just doesn’t work. I have found the irons to work okay. The woods are just terrible
  5. There good, strongly lofted.
  6. Driver - Ping G400 SF driver 9* Project X HZD Yellow Stiff FW - Tour Edge Exotic C721 PX Blue smoke Hybrid - Same as above Nike Vapor Fly - 4 GW - KBS Tour 90 S Edison Wedge Set A Scott Camron Newport
  7. Snell has bean having trouble for all of 2021.
  8. I’m switching to older stuff. I gave Component clubs a chance but they just don’t work for me. They don’t even out perform my box set. Nike Vapor Fly Irons Ping G Driver Callaway X2 Hot 5W My Trusty Wilson Tour RX putter
  9. I believe balls are mentally thing more then a Right and wrong thing. Maybe if you have a robot swing
  10. Better offs keeping for dead stock for $ purposes. My friend let me play his Nike set when I visited him. Just your standard GI irons.
  11. Bought some Nike Vapor Fly Irons off eBay. I have been wanting them for awhile but the prices where just too high for me. Let’s hope they actually ship
  12. Sounds good I’m holding out for the cyber Monday deal
  13. Funny , I tried that route before my distance was way down. I felt they were playing a little to stiff. Did you switch flex’s.?
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