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  1. I play DG105 in my 4-6 and DG120 in my 7-PW.
  2. According to there website for a .370 you would need to hard step 2 to get to a 5.0. Now Srixion is a TT so not necessarily apply.
  3. From Germany. no bulk discount either
  4. I was a big fan of the 2.0 Ksig but they have been out of stock at my local Costco since May.
  5. Target had a few boxes of Vice Tour so I picked one up. I have only seen drive and pro plus before. Played a round and really liked it.
  6. Yea and they don’t get paid until the first stop and don’t get paid from last shop back to the warehouse. Fedex is s***
  7. I’m sure they will correct it but at least yours shipped and sent. I’m still waiting from the 12th
  8. I’m waiting for my expectations to be redefined.
  9. I am going to be play stiff in my 4-6 with light shaft DG105 and R300 In 120
  10. @Stuart_G any thought on how to get close to a DG105S300? With DG120 ? R300 Or maybe they s300 soft stepped twice?
  11. Bought HM921 got them on December. Head flew off in the first range session. Lost in the snow. Never was found . No replacement, no middle ground just sorry your SOL and can pay another 125 for a new iron.
  12. Not much. I play a lot of components and DTC stuff. Customer service is big . I had a Terrible experience with Mizuno’s so I will never purchase them again
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