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  1. Sounds good I’m holding out for the cyber Monday deal
  2. Funny , I tried that route before my distance was way down. I felt they were playing a little to stiff. Did you switch flex’s.?
  3. How’s the stock on shafts , looking at KBS 90 or 105?
  4. It tells us nothing about your lie at impact
  5. I hope the KE4 Max Irons are strong lofted.
  6. I stuffed the driver head with cotton and yarn. Didn’t do much if any.
  7. So at the end of season the STi2 Irons are still in the bag. No complaints solid B irons. The Stw driver is out and on eBay. The performance isn’t terrible but the sound is unbearable. the KE4 3W is a love hate relationship
  8. I have not. Honestly sound is subjective and rather minor to me. My KE4 3 wood sounds great to me though.
  9. Yea if you don’t hit the sweet spot it’s sounds like a aluminum bat.
  10. Hit some nice ones that give me a lot of optimism. Felt great. Played pretty crappy not the clubs faults
  11. I suffer from a death grip and have found that wraps and soft grips ( Winn Dri Tac) are much better for helping with that . Rubber grips have no feel to me
  12. Just got my STi2 with MPS Graphite shafts. Look and feel great. Definitely feel stiffer then the Kuro Kage in S, these are Maltby R flex. Hope to get out latter for 9 holes
  13. I agree with going somewhere you can swing the Mizuno shaft optimizer. I did it with both the HM and Forged 921. Didn’t change the shaft selections.
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