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  1. I have not. Honestly sound is subjective and rather minor to me. My KE4 3 wood sounds great to me though.
  2. Yea if you don’t hit the sweet spot it’s sounds like a aluminum bat.
  3. Hit some nice ones that give me a lot of optimism. Felt great. Played pretty crappy not the clubs faults
  4. I suffer from a death grip and have found that wraps and soft grips ( Winn Dri Tac) are much better for helping with that . Rubber grips have no feel to me
  5. Just got my STi2 with MPS Graphite shafts. Look and feel great. Definitely feel stiffer then the Kuro Kage in S, these are Maltby R flex. Hope to get out latter for 9 holes
  6. I agree with going somewhere you can swing the Mizuno shaft optimizer. I did it with both the HM and Forged 921. Didn’t change the shaft selections.
  7. Just got my shipping notification
  8. I played 699 bigger version of the pro . I ended up returning them with in there 60 day period. Customer service is great. I have a 7 iron of the TS1 and it’s just nice crispy clean. The 699 pro are 3 degrees stronger, hollow body cast iron that is injected. They are rocket launchers.
  9. Last Wensday. Gave approvals this Monday for the custom shop
  10. Was really hoping my STI2 with Maltby Shafts would ship today ! Hopefully they will be her for next weekends round
  11. I still might even buy a KE4
  12. I got a set with the Pro Series ordered and waiting on them. I do have a set with the Score LT Stiff that I have soft stepped but still a little to stiff but consistent vs my G410.
  13. I have TC Tour 3W , which lead me to my choice of a STW2. I know that is probably not the best way to choose
  14. The Pro Series DR. i think it really come down to if you want adjustable driver
  15. The STW2 was easily out performing my Sim Max. So far a fan
  16. some new toys came in the mail today. Can’t wait for Maltby Graphite irons come in
  17. I live right next to the links
  18. Yea I was a little nervous about the flex being too stiff. I went with Regular. I was even debating about soft stepping .
  19. Yea I am looking to move to graphite. Going to try the Maltby Pro Series. He did suggest KBS Max R+ graphite . Looks some what similar to the Pro Series.
  20. True Temper said something awhile ago. But like everyone else are having supply chain issues, labor and raw materials issues.
  21. Waiting on materials and employees
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