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  1. Agree with all of the above. Doesn't matter about the details, thats a hole in one if you ask me. Great story to tell too!
  2. Got a 5-PW set of these coming next week. Can't wait to get out on the course with them!
  3. I'm in the market for a putter right now & I've been looking around testing various things before I take the plunge. I've found a black blade is the least distracting for me. Some of the more colorful designs just don't work for me. It's the same with some of the mallets and all the weird lines and shapes. A simple solid blade with a centre line is perfect for me.
  4. Give me the low scores any day. If you're playing an absolute blinder and playing well, but the person you're playing against is shooting better, there's not much you can do about that. Plus it's a better story to talk about in the clubhouse later
  5. No fairway woods for me as I can't hit them. So it's driver, 3H & 4H, 5-PW, 52 & 56, putter for me. I guess the quirky part of my bag is the driver & hybrids are newer tech but then I'm carrying irons that came out in 1999. And I have no idea how old my putter is as I can't find a release date or any info about it online. But it's working for me so far.
  6. I drive past there going to my in-laws every Sunday and it always looks in great shape. Definitely on my list of places to play.
  7. Currently have a set of TM Supersteel Burner irons which I believe came out in 99. Picked up the whole set(3-SW) locally for $25. I'm thinking of replacing them for next year but growing to like them more and more.
  8. So I played there today. $44 with a cart for 18 holes, worth it. 1120am teetime so it was a little wet and then became really humid & muggy but the course was enjoyable and in good condition. I also heard it's meant to close, probably the main reason the cart paths are a disaster! Will definitely be back in the fall when it's a little cooler and we get lucky with the weather!
  9. Apologies for bringing up an old thread but playing Loch Nairn for the first time tomorrow. Any thoughts? Looked at the scorecard and first thought was the mammoth par5 4th hole haha. Any comments on greens, conditions, things to look out for would be great. Very much a beginner golfer over here but steadily improving and looking forward to testing myself on a new course!
  10. Love those iblades! 2 questions, how come the P790 didn't stay in the bag and what do you think of the Vice balls?
  11. I 2nd Broad Run. Played a few times there. Hilly, challenging course but it's looked after well. Definitely one of the nicer public courses around here.
  12. Haha right! I'm actually pretty decent with the irons too. They even came with a Big Bertha 3w that I gave away for free!
  13. I love those irons you have. They look modern but classic at the same time!
  14. Appreciate the feedback! I did some research on high handicapper wedges and they all mentioned the CBX2's which is why I mentioned them. Plus I'd rather have less clubs in the bag than more. I'm thinking I'd rather be good with 12 clubs than average with 14. Simplfy the decisions and play more with less clubs which should, in theory, make me better!
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