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  1. There’s some left handed ones on snainton golf…as of today. I got mine from Scottsdale golf, went in about 30 minutes!!
  2. They do look good..I really like the look of the hybrids. No rush with the irons, I’m happy with the gen 3s.
  3. Be gentle first post. So the new pxg mustang is out next week. I’ve gotta say I think it looks superb, defo going to order it. Has anyone tried it or the new gunboat in fittings ?
  4. Be good to see a decent photo. I saw a quick snippet yesterday and i like the weight with a couple of screws either side. Look real nice...
  5. Couple of screws either side of the weight.
  6. Sounds good. I’m tempted but going to sit tight for the gen 4. I just like the look of the white crown! Enjoy.
  7. They have credited me in the UK, so you’ll be fine. Credit note lasts 6 months.
  8. Lucky you...been in lockdown since 30th December I loved the originals ...just thought they were excellent feeling clubs.
  9. They do look good...is the feel as good as the originals..
  10. I’ll drop them a note...cheers for the heads up.
  11. If only, still £275 a stick in the uk. I keep refreshing waiting for the drop!!
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