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  1. Interested in this item, had a question. What sort of numbers were you seeing? I'm trying to replace my Srixon driving iron with something that can fly 250-265 with low launch and good control. Would love to hear your experience with the club.
  2. I see a lot of folks with their bag setup listed as their signature. How do I add a signature?
  3. Thanks everyone! Very helpful. Think I found someone who can professionally do it!
  4. Thanks for the suggestion, I like that look. My only issue is doing that without touching or ruining the white teryllium dots ...Think I'm going to try the nail polish method.
  5. I like the site dot a lot. Still testing between using a line on my ball and no line.
  6. Thanks everyone. To be more specific, I have a Newport Detour with a copper insert. The back of the insert is Teryllium style and I want to paint the copper part black. I’ve tried with paint fill I bought on EBay but it chips off easy and it doesn’t look the same as the black paint used on the rest of the putter which is smoother and looks more durable. Pictures included.
  7. Just found a forum called “Lefty putter p?rn; no RH sticks allowed!” it’s pretty good
  8. I just built a Newport Detour 2 with a Terillium style insert and put a LAGP shaft and fresh Scotty grip on it. Love it so far. I also built a Spider FCG L-Neck with Tour Issue Accra shaft (tiffany blue) and Pistol GT 2.0 grip.
  9. Looking for advice on best paint for a putter? Every time I use paint fill purchased from EBay it comes out not looking very good, blotchy, chips easily, any advice on best paint to use for painting a putter so it comes out smooth and professional??
  10. I still have mine or else I’d buy them!! The original combo set
  11. Appreciate the comments. I need to start researching and looking into custom options! If folks have reco's send them my way!
  12. Reposting what I posted in "putter mods and micro artisans" subforum: There needs to be a new group on this site called “Lefty’s Against Scotty Cameron”…they are quite literally the most discriminatory company against lefties. You literally cannot by any Scotty in lefty that isn’t the standard blade other than the 5.5 and 12.5...Squareback 2? Nope…Fastback 1.5 or 2? Nope…it’s insane. So over Scotty…if lefties have suggestions on good plumber neck / L-neck putters with limited toe hang send them my way!!!
  13. 100%!! Limitations for lefties is ridiculous. Need to find some custom putters, I'm done with Scotty.
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