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  1. I really like this feel practicing in the room. Will take this to the range and let you know how it goes ty
  2. Hahaha exactly! I always say I swing like wolff but upside down
  3. Had some limited success today by slowing the backswing down FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov
  4. Yeah but it doesn’t fix my takeaway and I tend to get really hooky
  5. I’m trying a planemate I’ll report back with a progress video once I work with it
  6. Thanks! Yeah honestly the biggest reason I want to change it is probably just ego driven. On the first tee with a random group there’s like a 75% chance it gets mentioned haha. But I also do get stuck sometimes which leads to a huge block or snap hook if I save it with the hands. So that’s the functional reason I want to get in a better spot.
  7. IMO if you watch the frame by frame my downswing sequence is decent
  8. Hey all, my ballstriking is decent but I am constantly getting roasted on my backswing. It’s insanely inside but no matter what I try I cannot fix it. Tired of paying for lessons just for them to tell me to get my backswing on plane and not being able to fix it. Has anyone had any success fixing an inside takeaway? Considering a planemate. swing: https://streamable.com/2gbhp2 frame by frame: https://streamable.com/ha26dv thanks love you
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