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  1. Thanks swoosh and Highdraw
  2. Haha yeah was considering that too
  3. Thanks both for all the feedback. It will definitely help me make a final decision. I also didn’t mean for this to be an argument about club champion— I had a good experience. This would just be my first non-used iron set so was trying to learn more before pulling the trigger
  4. Yeah, I understand where you’re coming from and agree with you. But I’m also a bit new to the game and didn’t do a great job keeping track of what I hit / didn’t hit. There were also some generally close contenders to what we settled on. So was just looking for more info in my post.
  5. I haven’t made a final decision yet. It was more of a question of cost v performance, as the Accra shafts added $500 to the quoted cost
  6. I was recently fitted into the Accra iseries steel shaft 105g at club champion with Srixon zx5 heads. I’m wondering is there a big difference between the accra shafts and some of the options offered through from Srixon (eg. NS pro modus3 105 / kbs c-taper lite)? Thanks for any help/advice
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