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  1. With your distances, I’m a little surprised your set is bent 1° strong. I’d pick up the set gap wedge (assuming one is avail for MMC) and bend the set at least 1° weaker.
  2. I’ve got Callaway (3+, 7W), Mizuno (5W) and Taylormade (9W) fairways and they are all excellent as long as you put a decent swing on them.
  3. I’m been thinking about picking up some STs but I’ve never hit them. I’m playing MP4s right now and curious how they’d compare. Are the 0211STs fairly forgiving compared to older Mizzy blades?
  4. Cobra. Their branding has always been offensive to me.
  5. I’ve been contemplating dropping the Gap wedge mainly because I tend to be indecisive at that distance and choosing between 3 different clubs. Currently I’m at 46-50-54-58 and I am thinking about picking up a 52 to replace the gap/sand wedge distance. Only thing giving me a pause is the bounce options for a 52 wedge tend to be low bounce but that might match well with my MP4s and I’ll relegate my Eye2 58 for beach play.
  6. Wow. Maybe you can parlay that order into a discounted set of i59s although I doubt they’d do that. Go hit some PXGs - the P stands for Ping.
  7. How does this effect overall swing weight, performance, etc? Any noticeable downsides?
  8. I accidentally touched my big toe to the top line on the MP4 and it severed it right off.
  9. I have unattractive feet. They’re long and have what some have said to be fingers rather than toes on them. I actually hate seeing feet (bare or with shoes) in club pics but I could not resist the urge to be a smart Word not allowed. Plus any chance I get to show off the MP4s I’ll take it.
  10. I’ve got a STZ 5 wood and SIM2 9 wood. I think they’re both easy to hit. SIM might win for distance and height while I think the STZ wins on forgiveness.
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