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  1. That top line is super chunky. I have the PTX Pros and was hoping they might add a iron similar to the Edge but with PTX Pro styling for the long irons. The Edge EX looks chunkier than the regular Edge. They also need to proof-read their web content: Better yet, we’ve repositioned weight more weight than ever before low and rearward in the clubhead to make Edge EX irons incredibly easy to hit.
  2. Same. I loath any grip that is not a tour wrap. I have tried a few different grips but nothing beats the familiarity of a tour wrap.
  3. I want to replace my spider with a blade and went to test putters figuring I’d likely buy an ODYSSEY or a Ping. I saw the Premier #4 and half-heartedly picked it up and started putting with it. Feels great. Felt better than the odyssey and Ping. Totally forgot to try the mizuno putter. I was really surprised by the Cleveland and can’t beat the price. If it was a Ping I probably would have bought it today. I’m not a Scotty guy; just don’t see the value.
  4. Jmccas

    Sub 70 Clubs

    If anyone is interested, here are a few pics of the Sub 70 639cb (black) against the New Level 623-M and the Callaway Rogue. Obviously the Rogue is the thickest of the three. The Sub70 and the NL 623-M were both demos. I also included a picture of the wear on a brand new black 639cb.
  5. These are a great option. TGW sells them for $25/wedge frequently.
  6. How do you like the Glide forged as compared to the 3.0s?
  7. Disagreed. My 23* hybrid is a utility club. Great of the tees, off the deck, knock down shots, workable, it’s so good I might try putting with it. It’s the best value for performance in my bag.
  8. Take a look at Hogan PTX Pros
  9. Another vote for the Callaway Mavrik. Goes long and easy to strike.
  10. Ahhh, what I thought but wasn’t certain. I like my woods similar to my personality: shallow.
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