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  1. You sure they are 30/30? Tag says 32/30
  2. Title says it all. Used but not abused. Send me pics. 1 3/8 or 1.5 width. Jacob Hill, Fresco, HOF, W klienberg
  3. Agreed! I think a lot of 3woods are getting too hot. The sim 3wood I had came out like a driver! It was useless
  4. Happy Friday Wrx’s, just one item today. 33” Custom Compass putter not sure finish, but pics show the color nicely 45 toe hang 70/ 3* deep mill ping man grip/kbs black shaft This guy does great work. Feels soft with the deep mill. I’m sticking with my ping/maybe ordering something else so I’m pricing this too move. Paid $375 and it’s yours for $old
  5. Agreed. Pants, top notch. Love the options of slim/standard on the shirts. But damn the patterns are lame
  6. This! There athletic fit small is still too big for me
  7. Agree times a thousand... give me customization in want matters. Alignment aid and length. That in a nice milled putter and you’ve got a great combo
  8. Thanks guys. It’s a strokes gained rm4 I bought of here. It’s great, got great feel, I’m just picky and would love it to be lighter... I think sanding in might be the way to go... do you need a sanding machine or will a lot of elbow grease with some sand paper on the sole work?
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