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  1. It’s funny. I’m the same. I don’t get how it’s assumed that on faster greens most people want a heavier head. When you’ve got to move a putter head 3 inches both ways for a slippery downhill left to righter, give me that light blade that I can square the face up without it it going 6 feet by
  2. You can find some old yes! Putters on eBay that have top line alignment
  3. I’m no expert but something looks a bit funny with the Cameron
  4. If you go w something with less offset, you should aim more right. Not a fact but that’s generally the case
  5. Price includes PayPal and shipping Everyone loves these! For me, the Z forged are better, but maybe these are for you. Zx7 5-pw $700 I got these In April so they prob have about 20 rounds in them. You’ll see normal bag chatter, and a couple nicks in the face probably from Florida ranges. Overall in good used shape. 7 and 8 show most wear but I tried to zoom in on the face to give you the best angle. I removed the paint fill in the cavity. Didn’t like how the red looked. Px LZ 6.0 120. Standard length. 2flat and 1 weak. But they could have moved (these things are extremely soft) but that’s how they were ordered. zx 4 iron 23 degrees $175 This prob has 10 rounds. Like new. Px LZ 6.0 standard length loft, 2flat. No trades please, just looking for cash. Please DM w any questions
  6. Phenderson

    SIK Putters

    Per almost everywhere in Orlando this time of year unfortunately:/
  7. Phenderson

    SIK Putters

    They are. They used to be at OCN now they are at Shingle Creek
  8. As have I…. It’s a little strange. Everyone on here says how good he is at communicating, and if sure he normally is. But it’s been a bit strange not getting a response for over a week.
  9. Happy Friday. Couple items to sell today. All prices include shipping and PayPal fees. Please reach out for any questions or additional pics. I’m not really looking for trades but ya never know. First up, a Bastain Milled Flow neck. This is a Satin nickel finish, with a sweet, deep mill (not quite sure what the milling pattern is called. The head is 339g of carbon steel. The neck is 1/2 offset and has a kbs ct tour 120 satin shaft with a white iomic grip. Length is 33.75.... I tried to game this so hard. I love flow neck putters and Kyle made it exactly how I wanted i just don’t putt as well with it as my ping. If you like a soft feel off the face it’s a great putter. Not sure how much these go for on here but we’ll start at $450 and am open to offers. Project X LZ Black 6.0 pulls. Never gamed, pulled from t100s. All standard 4-pw. These are hard to find and expensive. $old Sm7 raw. Standard length 60m with 8 bounce. Used but still has life and with generate plenty of spin. With also throw in a new multi compound grip as this is a little sloppy now. $old pin 5/29
  10. My best advice is go 4 deg apart and just find a gcquad where you can tinker the lofts... obvs tough to do with driver 3wood, but other than that I’d go with 4deg and adjust accordingly for weird gaps
  11. You sure they are 30/30? Tag says 32/30
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