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  1. I would try a running store. My brother is a 12.5 too, and he golfs in a Brooks Trail Running shoe. I think it is the Cascadia.
  2. The ball marker I forget the name of it, but the triple track marker you can make very fine adjustments with by rotating the top is a game changer for me.
  3. I just don’t get how the company making these beauties makes the ugly retail putters.
  4. Wish they would ditch the angles on the top line of the Las Vegas.
  5. I really like the Tour Premiere. Solarthon is nice too. Hard to pick more different shoes.
  6. Great post. Good luck. The amount of crap we bought because we had to have it and never used is staggering.
  7. My experience is they’re indistinguishable on everything, but a low spinner. Low spinner with e12 definitely runs out more than a urethane ball for me.
  8. Inconsistent. We have a men’s store in Cincy that stocks a lot of it so I can try stuff on, and I wear a medium to XL depending on what it is. I love their stuff, but don’t expect to look like JT or EVR.
  9. The Rhone delta is a great polo. I know Nordstrom Rack and Rhone had them marked down recently.
  10. I’ve had mine since US Open weekend. It’s a Nova-40. Finally put it in play last night. Had been putting really well with an Odyssey 10, but wanted to see something different tonight after a bad round on Sunday. The SIK face does seem to help put a great roll on the ball. I play a TP5 Pix, and the lines show up instantly and stay that way. Not ready to make any calls on it after 9 holes.
  11. Take my money. Will be on the horn about 1 when the golf shop opens at 10.
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