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  1. I just moved, and I wanted to pick up a quality yardage book for my new home course. It doesn’t seem to be popular enough to have the detailed greens books anywhere, so I’m mainly looking at the overall yardage guides. Which company makes the best product in terms of information and presentation?
  2. PG has not one, but two opening par 3s. It actually alternates 3-3-4-4-5-5-4-4-3-3 for the first ten holes. #4 is also a drivable par 4, so the first few holes can really get backed up when it’s crowded.
  3. The Spider X is super hot. It’s my go-to for slow greens.
  4. Any time I catch the turf on the backswing I just abort the swing and reset. It’s more common in the rough, but it’s one of the few things that will make me stop mid-swing.
  5. Callaway 17 degree Super Hybrid. Easily my most consistent club, and it seems like the worse my lie is the better I hit it. Really helps recover after a missed fairway or as a second shot on a par 5.
  6. Their website lists club path and face angle under reported stats. I don’t know if it interpolates that data from something else, but that’s Trackman level if it actually measures it.
  7. Maybe an odd question, but I’m putting together a net setup, and the only thing that concerns me is skying a driver into my wall. It’s a very rare miss, but I figure one would be too many. Will a 7.5 foot tall Net Return Pro be enough to capture an errant shot (assuming I’m as close as practical)? I suppose I could just tee it sufficiently low all the time, but that’s no fun. I just don’t want to worry about a bad shot completely missing the net.
  8. It just takes a little bit of time to get used to the face. I tend to switch up putters frequently just to try new things, but I keep coming back to the ER2 because of how consistent it is, especially with the Gravity Grip.
  9. Has anyone incorporated the NTC drills with a PlaneMate? I was working though the PlaneMate protocols before I discovered NTC, and I really think it helped with rotation and keeping the arms connected. However, I feel like their method of relaxing the right hand to shallow the club didn’t really gel with me. Has anyone combined these two successfully?
  10. Gravity Grip on my ER2! It’s hard to go back to anything else. It really performs as advertised in terms of keeping the hands square.
  11. Finally got to roll one of these at the PGA Superstore, and they feel fantastic. Much less of a “thud” feeling than the Supersport-35. The vintage line is super tempting.
  12. Has anyone tried the GG on a putter that’s already face balanced? Does it screw up the balance any? I really like how it makes the ER2 face balanced, but I want to throw one on an Odyssey Ten.
  13. TheBiles

    2 ball ten

    Is there some secret to aligning the unlined 2 Ball? I always line up my ball and I’ve found that I don’t have a ton of confidence with the 2 Ball so far. Maybe it’s just getting used to the lack of a line, but it feels weird so far.
  14. I have one on my ER2, and it’s fantastic. You can really feel the hands staying square through impact. I actually struggle to use other grips after using it.
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