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  1. My goal is to keep the bag constant through the year (minus putter swaps for different greens) and try to drop my scores. Then I can use Christmas 2022 as an excuse to get an all-new bag!
  2. Fairway woods for sure. I have a 4W that is ideally just longer than my 17 degree Super Hybrid, but I tend to hit them about the same distance because the increased height/spin from the wood. I don't know if something like the UW would be better at the top of my bag, but something similar to the Super Hybrid at 15 degrees would probably be money.
  3. I got the SuperSport-35 when it came out for the novelty. They’re pretty heavy, but the SIK face feels great. Kind of a dull “thud” sound.
  4. How many lessons could you get for the price of a wedge?
  5. This is why they came out with the hydro-blast versions. Basically admitting they suck at painting so they made putters without it.
  6. The ER2 is nearly face-balanced with a Gravity Grip. What's on the ER2B?
  7. Hzrdus Smoke shaft in my driver. Replaced the stock EvenFlow Riptide, and it feels like I have so much more control.
  8. I haven’t used the exact putters, but I just switched from an ER2 to the Phantom X 5 because I was looking for a more consistent feel off the face. The Evnroll grooves can cause perfectly pure strikes to feel a little dead off the face. Both are great putters, but I liked the more consistent feel of the Scotty.
  9. I purchased the SuperSpeed trainers, but I don’t have a device to track my progress. What’s the cheapest reliable radar to get?
  10. 1. City, State? Yuma, AZ. 2. Handicap? 21. 3. What is your current putter? Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5. 4. Have you ever used a L.A.B. Golf putter? No, but they look very interesting. 5. Why do you want to review the MEAZZ.1 putter? I’m a total putter nerd, and LAB’s approach to design is extremely fascinating. I have a Spider X, White Hot 2 Ball, ER2B, and Cobra SuperSport 35 in addition to the Scotty for comparisons. 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Yes!
  11. It would probably be easier to sell it and buy a 5.5 or find someone who wants to trade.
  12. Just ordered a P2 Aware Tour for my X 5. Can’t wait.
  13. Dave Pelz calls it the “lumpy donut.” Definitely a well-known phenomenon.
  14. My biggest issue now is the occasional pull hook. I don’t dare aim down the left side just because that potential one ball per round OB (8 of my club’s holes have OB down the left). I’m hoping that by trying to draw the ball I can end up basically straight or with a baby draw. I love the fade with my irons, though!
  15. I think that’s the ultimate goal. I’ve been using Monte’s Broom Force since it came out, and it’s really helped my driver. Right now my miss is still both ways, so I’m trying to get that to a more consistent draw (or at least a push).
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