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  1. I’m 5’10’’, and I’ve always used 35’’ putters until recently. I realized that I’m almost always choking down a bit, so I just switched to a 34’’ putter with zero issues.
  2. Are there any other grips with this profile? I love the Gravity Grip, but it’s a little too heavy for my X 5. The Rosemark and P2 Aware are super interesting, though.
  3. Wanted something with a little more consistent feel across the face compared to my ER2B. Jackpot.
  4. Anyone else have any suggestions? I just got my X 5 today, and the Velcro is incredibly underwhelming. Really would like to see a magnet with a snug fit.
  5. When I used the “woods down the side” layout I found that my irons just beat on the shafts when I was carrying. I ended up going woods and putter on top, and now the irons only touch each other.
  6. Dave Pelz discusses this at length in his Putting Bible. Bryson didn’t make some new discovery.
  7. Screw you guys buying two of them. Scalpers are scum.
  8. Which ones? I’m trying to find a 5 in 35 inches, but they are all “custom” orders.
  9. 4W is 16.5 and 43.25 in. Super Hybrid set at 18 and 41.5 in.
  10. Callaway Preowned has 30-40% off fairways right now. I just got a like new Mavrik 4W for $140.
  11. I just did this exact thing. I swapped out my 5W for a 4W because the 5 was too close to my 17 Super Hybrid. Now it's driver, 4W, 3H (17*), 4H (20*). I could never hit 3W off the deck well, so I'm hoping the 4W is a happy medium.
  12. Odyssey 2 Ball Ten with the OG White Hot insert for slow greens and the Evnroll ER2B for fast greens.
  13. I was so ready to get the putter cover, but $225 is absolutely insane. I thought it would be the typical $80 Vault release, but that is obscene.
  14. The Gravity Grip feels perfect to me. It really keeps the hands square through impact, and it fits perfectly in my hands. It just inspires confidence. I picked up one for my Odyssey Ten, and it’s great.
  15. Just ordered my yellow Blacks! So excited to finally see them again.
  16. What’s wrong with lazing short game shots? I’ve found that 5 yards matters a lot more when I’m 30 yards away than when I’m 150 yards away. I like to shoot my landing point, and it gives me confidence that I’m using the right club since I have my stock finesse swings for each at 10/15/20/25/30/35 yards. It makes a huge difference and doesn’t slow play. If I had a pin sheet that gave me actual distance on or a caddie to provide the yardage it would be a different story, but the laser is clutch for short game.
  17. I started using his finesse techniques a few months ago, and the strongest part of my game has been inside 40 yards for sure. I was formerly a “bump and run everything” kind of guy, but his swing just works for me. I’m still trying to get a handle on the distance wedge game (60-100 yards is a mess for me right now), but I feel pretty confident that I can get it down.
  18. Got a Gravity Grip for my 2 Ball Ten. It’s like easy mode inside 10 feet when you combine it with the 2 ball.
  19. TheBiles

    2 ball ten

    New grip day! It’s like a brand new putter. I’ve only rolled it on the Perfect Practice mat, but it is just point and shoot inside 8 feet.
  20. I have the GG on my ER2 and the SS with 50g CC on my Spider X, and I vastly prefer the feel of the Gravity Grip. The Gravity Grip really does a great job of taking the hands out of the stroke, and it fits into my palms perfectly. With the SS, I have to make a conscious effort to grip it the same every time, and the slight slipperyness can be annoying. I think the weights are pretty much equal at just over 100g.
  21. Face-balanced, oversized grip, and a linear alignment aid. I'm also a fan of softer-feeling faces.
  22. And only $40/year for the detailed heat maps. I feel like there will be a lot of competitors upset with that. You can also preview courses before you play them and measure any distance. This update is huge!
  23. If I had to spend it on a putter, I'd get 3 or 4 nicer putters. I love to collect them, and that would be an easy way to get some new models. Otherwise, maybe just a Bettinardi Inovai 7.0 and the rest split between lessons and playing some nicer courses like Torrey Pines.
  24. I just moved, and I wanted to pick up a quality yardage book for my new home course. It doesn’t seem to be popular enough to have the detailed greens books anywhere, so I’m mainly looking at the overall yardage guides. Which company makes the best product in terms of information and presentation?
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