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  1. I just want to see if I can tighten the dispersion up. I started back playing golf in Sept of 20 from a layoff since 2012. The Tour Edge was not the longest driver I hit when I got fit but it was the straightest in comparison to the rest and my swing at the time so I chose that one. I want to go back and see if I can find more length and maintain the dispersion now that' I"ve played back to a 10HCP. It could all be and likely is in my golf swing and I'm ok with that being the case. I like the driver, only seeing if I can find 25 or so more yards with same or better dispersion. If I can't see a
  2. Not another one. However I don't know I will quit using this one. If I can't get better dispersion and at least 20+ yds I'm going to stay with what I have. I will just go and hit some and see what the monitor says. Have a good mind to take my TE in with me and hit it so I know the monitor isn't lying to me.
  3. Lots of Ping love in the answers. I will def look at those mentioned. Thanks guys!!
  4. Looking to upgrade my driver from my Tour Edge Pro I currently have. I don't want to spend $550 on the "newest" driver so I was thinking about gaming one of last year models for about $300-350. I was considering the TS2 Titleist or the Ping. I'm wide open for suggestions to go look at. What do you all think? I'm a decent player. Play to a 10 and currently swing the Srixon ZX7 irons.
  5. I have got to play my ZX7 a few times now and I absolutely love them. I can't speak on the other two because I have not hit them. I can only vouch for Srixon and they are wonderful. Very forgiving and tight dispersion.
  6. Rickie should go to the local golf shop and buy a std set of irons and driver and go play. No prototype anything... Here's hoping for a miracle this weekend...
  7. I think by all means an equipment change can cause you a learning curve. I however think some of these guys get a huge endorsement deal and just fall off their game a little bit. That to me is one of the sad things about pro sports today and the money these guys get paid across the board in all sports. There are rare breeds like Tiger or LeBron or Brady or Trout that continue to dominate their game after large sum endorsement deals. Most just have it made financially and the extra hour of practice get shoved to the side for a PR appt or to go have dinner with the wife and kids. Equipment yes c
  8. Good advice. I will look into all of that. Good thing is I have a 90 day play guarantee on the clubs from PGA Superstore. So I've got some time to figure it out with a few range sessions.
  9. Only played them twice at this point. Those two times. I had a high risk mom contract Covid so I've been with her helping her recover. Looking forward to seeing if I can keep up the scoring.
  10. These moments make you realize how spoiled these tour pros are today. Not than they shouldn't be, they create millions upon millions of dollars for their sponsors, but dang it must be nice. Lol.
  11. In all honesty...I looked good on the monitor with the std Modus shafts and I could order those in my irons and have them the next day. If I had more customized my shaft and ordered from Srixon I was told it was a 8-12wk wait time. It's 70deg where I live so the stock shaft was good enough for me to get my sticks knowing I may spend another $250 on shafts later. I was ok with that at the time just to start playing. My shot dispersion with the ZX7 are very tight. I actually hit it well. You know how we golfers are. If we don't test it then we always think there's something better for our game.
  12. @jmagri78 @Myherobobhope yeah I am playing Modus 120 now in my Srixon's I just bought. I hit them fine, but just for my sanity I'd like to hit more to see if I like them. I went through my fitting but was limited in the shafts I could try. I would like to go through a full on shaft only fitting to see if I see another ball flight I like more etc. I hit the Nippon mid trajectory and I'd like to carry my ball a little higher and I question if I could do that through a shaft change and I think I could. Thanks guys...I may ask my local shop to put me through a shaft fitting only and see what the m
  13. Is this a thing? I was talking to my local fitting shop and I asked the question is the shaft married to the iron or is the shaft married to the golfer and feel. I thought it was to the golfer, but I wanted to ask to be sure. I was told the shaft was married to the golfer so my question is, is it possible to do a shaft fitting only? Like if I want to hit Project X vs Modus vs KBS. I'm just curious to go through different shafts at the same weights and see how they feel to me. Anybody know if this is a thing?
  14. Chipping and putting was red hot. Def was a big reason. Hit fairways and the irons like I say, if I missed they left me a little short which was usually in front of green with a 20-30ft chip or less so I could work with that. It wasn't 30ft right or left misses behind bunkers or trees.
  15. Played my first two rounds with mine this weekend. Picked them up at 10:00 Saturday morning...hit the 5i & 7i on the range. Was literally taking the wrapper off the handles as I needed them on the course to hit them the first time. Liked them so far. They are going to force me to be a better ball striker and I'm glad for that. You do get punished for misses but it's usually distance not left or right. At least for me that's the case. I'm a 12 hcp. Shot 85 yesterday and 76 today. I think you guys will enjoy these sticks when you play them.
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