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  1. Which do you prefer? I rarely play in the mornings. To me the morning is a time for work and the afternoon is play time. Golf in the morning seems like a chore and the rest of the day just feels weird.
  2. Every time I try and bring that one up, I get jumped all over. That's WRX'ers for you.
  3. I like watching old majors on YouTube. I won't sit there for hours watching, but I'll watch 20 or 30 minutes of this one or that one.
  4. That's a good one. As a shorter hitter, I would take the 250 off the tee.
  5. Since he's an Aussie, I wouldn't think he'd have much connection to the Open Championship, certainly not like a European player would, but maybe. A Euro I would imagine would never trade the Clarret Jug for anything.
  6. If someone like Mickelson took 300 off the tee to be in the middle of the fairway, does he have a couple of US Opens?
  7. I started another thread about would a tour player trade off distance for being in the middle of the fairway on every hole, but with a max of 250 yards. It's pretty clear the vast majority here think 250 is way too short for a tradeoff. Let's reformat the topic to extend the conversation: What sacrifice in distance would a tour player take in order to be in the middle of the fairway off every tee?
  8. Question is, for Norman, would he swap those two Open Championships for one Masters?
  9. I would guess the Masters and British Open stay with a player for a longer period of time. There is a lot of nostalgia with those tournaments and they seem to celebrate the past winners more. US Open and the PGA don't seem to be like that.
  10. The Hero sponsorship seems like a bad choice for this company. Are they trying to break into the US market, or is this more of an international thing?
  11. I'll take a tour player at 250 vs a 4 handicap any day. Let's not forget about the mental toughness and shot making that really separates a professional from a low handicap at your local course.
  12. I doubt it. I would imagine a 4 handicap player would get blown away on tour greens and rough.
  13. OP here, some interesting replies here so far. What made me think of this was listening to an interview with Rocco Mediate and him saying give me 280 off the tee and I could still compete on the regular tour. Maybe a better question is what's the distance a tour player would sacrifice to be in the middle of the fairway off the tee?
  14. I'm a big fan of the Champions Tour. I wish the TV coverage was better. I like seeing the tour players I haven't seen in awhile.
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