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  1. That's interesting, I never really thought about it.
  2. Sergio was only with Callaway for less than a year, his win at Augusta was in his TM days.
  3. I do remember that one now, how could I forget, I was actually there for that :0. I believe he promptly signed with Srixon afterward.
  4. I knew he had a 2 wood in the bag, but didn't know it was a TM. That's an interesting choice. Especially for a club that a few years old. Why not go back to the Phrakenwood.
  5. Has he used it in a tournament? I don't think he had it at the PGA.
  6. Other than Phil, how many majors does Callaway have under it's belt? I can think of Els in 12 and Michael Campbell in 05. For such a large company in the industry the mayor count seems low.
  7. I'm sure Callaway must be thrilled Phil was photographed using the new TM mini driver during a practice round this week.
  8. I started van life July 1st 2016 and haven't looked back since. That was the last time I paid a dime in rent, so far I figured I've saved at least $60k in rent, and that's on the low end. I live outside San Francisco, so the high rents made it an easy decision. I chose a Dodge Sprinter and built it up like a log cabin inside with knotty pine. With proper insulation it's very comfortable and warm. You can also buy a small propane heater, but I really don't use mine all that much, body heat and proper insulation does nicely. The best advice I can give you is buy something you can sta
  9. This is exactly what is happening here. A decent course that was a step up from a local muni used to be $40 to play weekend twilight, now it's $70. Forget about any of the coastal courses that used to be somewhat affordable. They are all pushing $100. And by the way the quality of course conditions continue to go down. It's not going to get much better around here with the lack of rain we had this winter and everyone predicting a dry hot summer.
  10. I live in the bay area of California and it seems since the new year, or maybe even before that, green fees have really made a big jump. I would say it's about a 30% average increase. Has anyone noticed similar increases in your area? I'm wondering if this is just a supply/demand issue due to a big influx of golfers since the Covid lockdowns and will even out if many of those casual players don't keep it up long term. Or is it a sign of inflation.
  11. I was a cart guy while in high school with unlimited playing, it was awesome. I worked in retail golf while in college, money was a lot better but didn't get to play all that often. Most people in the golf industry don't get to play all that much.
  12. What's everyone's day gig? The thing you do to afford your degenerate golf habits? I'm a digital asset manager at a major tech company.
  13. Do you want to live with the agony of a 2nd place finish and what could have been, or a relatively high finish even though you may never have really been in contention.
  14. Well played. Let me amend the post to be a little more specific.
  15. There is a course called La Purisma in Santa Ynez north of Santa Barbara, it's where the golf scene in the movie Sideways was shot. Being that close to the ocean it can be a wind tunnel at times. Played out there once with the wind blowing gales.
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