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  1. Much like Patrick Reed, he has a great game and a bad attitude. I still like them both and root for them, they're the only ones I like watching.
  2. I was having a talk with a chap the other day and I mentioned the difference between a beginner/average golfer and a good player. This would even apply to any skill level trying to get to that next level with their game. I told this fellow great players know how to get the ball in the hole. How do you define that? I would personally say it's staying away from large numbers, taking your medicine, laying up, not needlessly throwing away strokes on 3 putts, hitting the ball OB or in the water, leaving shots in a bunker ect. Those unforced errors can really add up at the end of a round. For my game it's not how many birdies I'm making like the guys on TV, but rather limiting my number of mistakes. Making sure my 75 doesn't turn into an 80.
  3. The first time I played there I rang that bell on the downhill hole a little too hard, had a ringing in my ears for at least a couple holes.
  4. The 64 certainly isn't for everyone, but it's a real get out of jail free card if you know how to use it.
  5. Anyone else gaming a similar set up? I've been doing this for the last year and it's been working out well for me. I came to the realization that I either hit a running pitch or a flop, so one club for each, no need for a 52 or 60. I'm able to put another fairway or hybrid in the bag with the dropped wedge.
  6. Has anyone played in the Lake Tahoe area lately? With the fires up there I'm wondering about the air quality and if the courses are empty?
  7. That's interesting, I never really thought about it.
  8. Sergio was only with Callaway for less than a year, his win at Augusta was in his TM days.
  9. I do remember that one now, how could I forget, I was actually there for that :0. I believe he promptly signed with Srixon afterward.
  10. I knew he had a 2 wood in the bag, but didn't know it was a TM. That's an interesting choice. Especially for a club that a few years old. Why not go back to the Phrakenwood.
  11. Has he used it in a tournament? I don't think he had it at the PGA.
  12. Other than Phil, how many majors does Callaway have under it's belt? I can think of Els in 12 and Michael Campbell in 05. For such a large company in the industry the mayor count seems low.
  13. I'm sure Callaway must be thrilled Phil was photographed using the new TM mini driver during a practice round this week.
  14. I started van life July 1st 2016 and haven't looked back since. That was the last time I paid a dime in rent, so far I figured I've saved at least $60k in rent, and that's on the low end. I live outside San Francisco, so the high rents made it an easy decision. I chose a Dodge Sprinter and built it up like a log cabin inside with knotty pine. With proper insulation it's very comfortable and warm. You can also buy a small propane heater, but I really don't use mine all that much, body heat and proper insulation does nicely. The best advice I can give you is buy something you can stand up in, like a Sprinter. Try and stay in places that are cool at night so it's easier to sleep, a hot van is like an oven. Best place to park is near apartment complexes or grocery/ strip malls. Never park in front of someone's house. If you get a knock on the door from the cops, you don't have to answer, they can't do anything without a warrant. You're parked legally on the street.
  15. This is exactly what is happening here. A decent course that was a step up from a local muni used to be $40 to play weekend twilight, now it's $70. Forget about any of the coastal courses that used to be somewhat affordable. They are all pushing $100. And by the way the quality of course conditions continue to go down. It's not going to get much better around here with the lack of rain we had this winter and everyone predicting a dry hot summer.
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