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  1. Watson used a Ping A-Blade for the '75 Open. He used the borrowed 8813 at Turnberry in '77.
  2. He used a Ping A-Blade in 1974 for his Western Open win and used it thru the 1977 Open Championship. He appears to have used the A-Blade in the first round before switching to the 8813 for the final three rounds (Ping includes the '77 Open on its list of wins). After the Open he switched to a Ping Pal which he used for the balance of his major wins.
  3. Dragging up a fifteen year old thread, but you're right, the George Low 200, 250, 300 and 500 mallets had a Dupont Delrin insert much like the putters today. Gary Player won his first Masters and Peter Thomson his last Open Championship with the 300.
  4. You're absolutely right. I had the photo in the file that showed the bottom of the club and it's clearly a Redwood, I must have cut and pasted the 2014 line on the spreadsheet. I'll update it. Good catch!
  5. Here's what I have for the Masters Winners. Any additions or corrections appreciated. 2020 TaylorMade Spider Tour Black Dustin Johnson 2019 Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Timeless GSS Prototype Tiger Woods 2018 Odyssey White Hot Pro 3 Patrick Reed 2017 TaylorMade Spider Tour Red Sergio Garcia 2016 Odyssey Versa #1 Wide Danny Willet 2015
  6. True, he was given the GLW very early on and won 15 of 18 majors with it. The Slazenger that was used to win the 1966 Masters is similar to the GLW but has a very distinctive orange/red ferrule with a yellow stripe. The club is on display at Jack's museum and noted as the '66 Masters Winner. The painted Acushnet Bullseye was given to him by Fred Mueller and used to win at the '67 US Open (and four other tournaments). The "White Fang" is on display at the USGA museum. It still has a pencil shoved down the grip that Jack inserted to give it a pistol grip. It was lost for years, it went hom
  7. Jack used a Slazenger "Jack Nicklaus" model to win the Masters in 1966. The orange ferrule is an indicator of the club model.
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