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  1. So to reiterate, I should focus on hip movement in back swing still, more precisely not getting left knee so far laterally towards back, and focus on shifting and starting the down swing with my lower body?
  2. Thanks for this awesome reply, it's really the best answer I've got so far and I've had 2 different instructors. You're right about starting with my arms to swing. I've always gotten to the top and thought "hit the ball now". I knew you're supposed to start with lower body but I thought maybe my lower body would go automatically, guess not. Il start working on transition moves I guess. Thanks
  3. Also can you elaborate on right hip movement? I thought if there was a line about a half inch outside of my right hip behind me, I wouldn't want to touch it at all, I would rotate back instead. Is that not what I'm doing here? Is there any swing though I should have for proper hip movement? Right now I try to rotate my right hip back and towards the target.
  4. So my lead knee should go more straight out and have the lead hip follow straight out as well (towards the camera in the front on view)?
  5. Maybe I wasnt doing it properly before, but for a while I was trying to hold my swing at the top, shift into my lead side, and then swing through. Like my swing is now, sometimes it worked, sometimes it didnt
  6. Well Im pretty ready to quit golf once again. Last year I was around a 16 HCP, and started getting hosel rockets out of nowhere. I had 4 lessons from a CPGA pro, and that made my game worse. I was never told exactly what was causing my hosel rockets. Ive tried more outside take aways. Face on video posted below PXL_20210505_000026556_2.mp4 , tried not getting on my toes or falling forward, tried all the early extension fixes, etc. Am I early extending here? It doesnt look like I thrust at the ball or anything. Help greatly appreciated.
  7. I practice at home hitting weighted foam practice balls off a mat just at a wall. Ill record myself and looks like I make solid contact, sweet spot, never hitting shanks or anything. I know you can't tell exactly how the ball will go, but in slow mo I can see that I am hitting ball and then ground in the sweet spot and its coming off the club straight for the 5 feet or so. Once I get to the range or course I still get huge miss hits like hosel rockets I never have at home. I know obviously the balls are different, but my swing feels like it changes once I get up to an actual ball. Is this just
  8. I know, but there are some people that suggest lifting the left heel to help rotate in the back swing, and then forcing it into the ground in transition to help promote a weight shift. I thought I would give it a try.
  9. Here is another shot where I was testing out lifting the left heel. Does this look better? Doesn't look like my knee kicks out as much in the down swing but I think I caught this fat PXL_20210425_213837571~4.mp4
  10. Ive been trying to work on getting in the slot and be more shallow, but still obviously has a long way to go with that. I'm wondering if you guys have any tips on my swing? PXL_20210425_213837571~3.mp4
  11. Im sure hybrids these days are a lot better, but I still use my TaylorMade Burner Plus 4h from like 10 years ago. Its stil the easiest club for me to hit and can easily hit it 225. The only mishits I ever have with it are pushes or pulls, its weird if Im setup to draw or face (or slice or hook) the ball still goes dead straight.
  12. I grew up playing golf with my dad and then when I was 18 - 24ish I probably played 3 rounds a year. Last few years Im addicted again.
  13. Some of my friends have done coke on the tee box before. I mostly golf with other friends now because I want to have a few beers in a round.
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