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  1. Agreed, he probably just prefers that bottom for comfort like most of us. The pairs he wears the most have that "TW" type Jordan bottom you find on the 1s and 6s. He has 11s with the bottoms swapped. I think Nike just wanted to keep the side profile of the OG pair for the 4s and 5s.
  2. Yea I had to use the other attachment that’s got the blades on it, cuts into the spikes and doesn’t just try to use the two holes. Definitely can’t reuse any spikes after it though.
  3. “SOFTSPIKES Cleatkaddy Golf Wrench” $12 on amazon, comes with a sharper attachment for the spikes that are really worn down.
  4. Actually 6’3” just have small feet hah. Appreciate it though!
  5. Be sure to let me know when you're ready to start funding that trip.
  6. 10, I'd say I have a normal sized foot. I do have a 10 in the Vs and have room. Thanks for the help!
  7. I've been looking there and GOAT as well. I might just try and hold out to see if they release the "Bred" colorway Bubba was wearing at WM.
  8. Looking to "invest" in a pair of the cool grey Jordan XI lows. Anyone have advise on sizing? I've heard they run narrow, just looking for some good reviews before dropping the cash on a pair.
  9. Not sure if there's much of a difference but I own every color of the "Slim Go-Dry Built-In Flex Performance Pants", wear them to work and on the course. I bought three pairs with a 36 inch inseam and got them hemmed just because they were on sale for $13 and they're the best. The tapered more modern fit is better than any of my older pairs of adidas/Nike golf pants. I would size slightly down as I found they run a little big in the waist.
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