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  1. I would agree with this. Turf interaction is great. Not to hijack, but anyone know why WS standard length is 1/4" longer than most OEM's?
  2. I might be mistaken, but I thought he said he hit the 9?
  3. I'm curious about factory swing weighting. My OEM advertises a D2 "standard" swing weight, but then offers 50 different shafts, grips etc. which I'm assuming all have an effect on swing weight. So I pull the shafts this week and there are no tip weights on any of the clubs, just glued, some with a ton of extra epoxy in the hosels which also has an effect on swing weight. So, given all the variables, can the "D2" swing weight be accurate?
  4. I was in a similar situation, the S300 just didn't work for my swing. I have a very smooth tempo, 7I SS 92 mph. I would try to find a Mizuno shaft optimizer and swing every shaft in the top 10. My top 3 shafts were the DG 105 S, C taper lite S and PX 5.5. Out of those 3 only one shaft stood out, the C taper, but I would've never known without actually swinging them all. The PX and DG felt way too rigid for me. I actually liked the Modus 105 and 120 better than those 2.
  5. Would you or anyone here by chance know the hosel depth of the CB's? The spec sheet doesn't have this info and I'm getting ready to re-shaft mine. I'm looking at a set of pulls from the 760's and there's a 1/4 difference in measurement. Thanks
  6. This was my problem as well...my body over rotated and led to an inside takeaway and arm over run. Now I like to feel like my arms are dragging my shoulders, making my body react to the takeaway. I may be mistaken, but isn't Monte telling us to make the body react to get into proper position? I'm actually trying to restrict hip rotation on the initial takeaway and just let my arms pull me into position until the 8 position....but maybe I'm off track. lol
  7. Reshafting my CB's which came stock with the S300 (127 grams) and going to the KBS C-taper lite (110 grams). I was planning on doing this myself, but now I'm not sure after reading about SW measurements etc... I'm assuming there are SW's in the tips of the S300 and the specs are D2 for the CB's, but with a lighter shaft, will these need to be replaced? Thanks for any info.
  8. Yeah, it would be different in stoke play, because there are no concessions and we all know that. In match play the concession is just a formality really, but DJ took the liberty, bad on him. Did he gain an advantage by doing so? Did you see a single 6 inch putt not conceded last week? Yeah, Na had the right to call him out and did, but then conceded the hole. So all that drama for a putt he was willing to concede anyway. Seemed unnecessary to me, but that's just my opinion.
  9. Oh yes, very "sportsmanlike". I'm sure him playing out of turn on a kick in really affected Na's next putt, especially since he was already eliminated. Replay a 6 inch putt? Give me a break. Let me guess, you're the guy that putts out a 2 incher playing with the wife on Sunday...
  10. "Tool"...being an a** jack with nothing to gain other than being a rules nazi
  11. Na is already eliminated. Seems petty to me. He had nothing to gain there other than being a tool
  12. I demo'ed those same exact shafts yesterday along with the DG 105 S and Modus 120 S (which I had). Same result as you, brought my flight down and gained distance.
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