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  1. Thanks for the replies. one thing i noticed right away was how much longer the zx utility is compared with my 3i. I thought that was how utility iron worked; a forgiving head with longer shaft (never tried one before). Then i decided to have it reshafted with a slightly lighter than my 3i steel shaft and make the length to 39.5”. Now i can hit it way more consistent with this new shaft. It perfectly fills the gap between my 3i and 3w now.
  2. The title says it all. Does anyone has the same issue? A little bit of background story: so i’ve been gaming old Mizuno MP58 with NS 950GH stiff flex and i love it. I can even hit the 3 iron easily off the deck. I usually have 5 woods in my bag but i’m not very consistent with it. More than 50% i cant hit it nice on fairway on long par 5. Then i thought i was gonna give utility 18 degree a try. I live in indonesia where most of the golf stores dont have a place to try, so i just pulled the trigger and bought online a Srixon ZX utility 18* S flex. Once i hit it on the range i couldn
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