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  1. I have the Ventus Blue 7R in a Super Hybrid and it’s great. Check it out. They also have a 66 gram version.
  2. No, it was classless in the extreme - pretty much what I’d expect based on my own experiences with them.
  3. I had a terrible experience with Club Champion, as well. I took some irons to be reshafted in November after a fitting and was told that all components were in stock and I’d have them in hand within 3 days. 45 days later, I still didn’t have my clubs. To make matters worse, my fitter told me that calling the shop would just get me redirected to the call center, so to call or text his cell instead - but queries directed there went unanswered. Here we are in March and I’m still missing a club. I will never, ever return to Club Champion. What a sleazy business.
  4. Just an update on this - I cut both Ventus HB shafts from a 40.5” playing length to 39”, adding weights from Billy Bob’s to get swing weight back to normal. I have the 20* turned up to 22* and it gaps well with my One Length 5 iron. Trackman said that the dynamic lie was 1* flat and so I just put the hosel into the draw position and it’s flying straight and an easy transition from my OL irons. Thanks for the help, guys!
  5. I have some OL clubs on order, so I spoke with Cobra this morning to check on this. They said that the new Forged Tec OL release will just offer a copper finish, but the design of the clubs will be unchanged. Updated designs won't come until 2022.
  6. Thank you. My 7i swing speed is 87 mph. I bought a used Ventus Blue HB 7S for $60 on eBay and an 18 gram rear weight (adds 6 sw). I’m going to start experimenting with the 20* Super Hybrid, taking off 1.5” to start and going down from there and adding lead tape as necessary. If I butt trim the 7S and add weight to the head, it sounds like it should flex similarly to my 7R shafts and I’ll be at the same swing weight I started with. If it doesn’t work out, I’ve only wasted about $75 total and can put the old shafts back in and sell them to fund different hybrids.
  7. Hi guys, new member here with a few questions. I'm a pretty new golfer (just started last summer), 48 y.o. in decent shape and taking lessons. Currently, I am playing: Callaway Mavrik Max 10.5* driver and 3 wood Callaway Super Hybrids in 17* and 20* w/ Ventus Blue HB 7R shafts Callaway Mavrik Max 5-AW w/ Steelfiber i95 shafts Callaway PM Grind 54 & 58* wedges I am pretty pleased with my progress from 7 iron down. I'm lucky enough to have access to a Trackman for daily practice, and my club path and face to path are both usually under 2*. I use
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