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  1. None, if you can't spell his name correctly stick to 1990s golf course housing communities
  2. TY! Very helpful and I think since we'll be making this drive several times in the coming months, I'll be able to see a few of them. I'd imagine U. of Maryland is worth checking out given what I know about other college golf courses (grew up in the Raleigh / Durham area and the Duke / UNC / NC-State (hesitate to include NCSU's here) are all good layouts.
  3. This is very helpful! I actually decided to stop off at a place outside D.C. called Potomac Shores Golf Club in Dumfries, VA which was a little bit of a excursion, but I received a friendly greeting from the golf shop staff and was able to hit for ~1 hour or so on the grass range with new Callaway balls. The course is a Nicklaus design and has a very "Trump" feel to it (take it for what it is, good or bad, the clubhouse was very traditional and stately) I believe Potomac is actually under the Troon umbrella. A nice find, but will definitely try out your rec's since I'll be making this drive se
  4. I made the long drive from New York City to Charleston, S.C. this past Sunday. Has anyone found a good place to take a golf break close to I-95 along the way? Can be either to get in a quick 9 holes or even just a mom & pop driving range (actually, this would be preferred now that I think about it) ... Thanks!
  5. LOVE It, ditto... I'd be interested to hear what you think about my general observation that most resort courses that want to keep their greens fees up in the off-season do overseed to keep the northerners who come down for the week happy. (I arrived at this conclusion after spending February 2021 in Kiawah Island where all the courses were lush and green and none of them were very exciting or memorable despite the $180+ cost for 18 holes)....seems like private clubs where golf is played year round are dependent on the membership and do they want the course to look nice to show off. The clubs
  6. I thought #10 was just fine too, but apparently the hole has been changed three times to arrive at its current form (check out this review from Golf Club Atlas for hole-by-hole details) Basically, as the article says, C&C wanted to avoid a forced carry off a downhill lie (re-reading this now I remember how it was pretty difficult) so they modified the wetlands, then the state of NC came in and said the wetlands had been compromised so they had to reverse some of the previous work and ended up cutting the fairway in half at some points.. I think at the end of the day, some people just don't
  7. NO doubt, Dormie is far superior in my mind to Gil Hanse's cookie cutter re-do of Pinehurst No. 4. I think I remember 1 or 2 holes on No. 4 (we played last October and there's no reason why it shouldn't have been at it's peak conditions).. I've played several other C&C designs including one of their originals, Kapalua Plantation, and I loved Dormie from the very beginning. Few modern courses have better variety and utilize the natural landscapes / terrain better than Dormie. The greens are difficult but in a subtle sneaky way unlike the greens across town at Pinehurst #2 (of course, can't
  8. This is a great post - sorry I can't be more directly helpful advising on discounts, but I like your idea about AirBnB owners to help with tee-times. There has to be some that have connections if you book the right property (and are a fantastic guest as well!) My guess is that if you stayed at a higher-end VRBO and made friends quickly with the host, they'd be willing to put you in touch with someone they know who may do you a favor. I actually tried this unintentionally a few months ago in Charleston, SC (the area has very few courses that aren't private, and I specifically wanted to play CC
  9. Kylev - you know what they say, if you have to ask.....
  10. HA! - ditto zripp3, been going to the area for the last 20 years, and while I will admit it's more "lively" than it was in the past, maybe I'm missing something, but everything's closed up before 10pm. That said, maybe Aberdeen or somewhere further out has a locals scene that could be rowdy. I could see that for sure...
  11. Knights Play, you may assume since it's a cheap par-3 that advertises in the N&O that the practice facility wouldn't be great. Not the case... you can choose either grass OR mats (pity the folks that choose mats, this choice continues to perplex me...) and (by far the best part for those of us who work during the day light hours) you can hit balls under the lights! To the best of my knowledge, the grass tee stays open year round, which isn't the case at any other area course / range except Umstead Pines in Durham. Hope this helps.
  12. What courses did you play? There are some really good ones out of the resort that probably don't get the notice they should.
  13. That's a pretty solid four courses! I've played Oakland and both Arcadia's many times. Not being from the Detroit area (in-laws live in Birmingham) I wouldn't have expected so many classic golden age courses in that area. If you're ever north of Traverse City, Belvedere is about as pure of golf experience I've had anywhere. It's a Willie Watson design and Tom Watson is an active member. They play the world hickory tournament there (not sure if every year but course has hosted many times) which tells you all you need to know! Also, agree that one of the many attractions of joining a
  14. Thank you for making this distinction. Perhaps I shouldn't take the liberty to comment or give my opinion on Crystal Downs. I haven't been fortunate enough to play it (yet), but as a student of golf architecture I'm hopeful for a round this summer. I'd imagine the greens are significantly different between Champion Hills & CDCC based off of reviews I've read about how CDCC's greens are so hilly and unique. Separately, since it seems you've played many rounds at the Downs, if you happened to have any advice or ideas about how I can play it, I'd really appreciate it! I should mention that we
  15. I was surprised when I realized how much range balls actually cost per ball. Never would have thought they're as expensive as they are. I think it's because they've got to hold up to so many hits...was also surprised to learn that ProV1 practice / range balls are barely more $$ than the typical balls you see. The best is when the range uses a hodge podge of old balls. You never know what you're going to get, and if you're lucky...you might find a few gems in there.
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