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  1. You got it! I could have kept going but figured that was enough to get you going. Good choices! Notice when you drive into Bahle Farms how it says "World Class Championship Golf" under the sign. I think that's pretty awesome, its very tastefully done. Also, re Arcadia, is the 4pm the "super" twilight rate or whatever they call it? I remember there's one that's even lower than the twilight but don't recall the time. I've played the Bluffs now probably 5 times and the South about the same and I've never NOT finished in the pitch dark. I'm not the only one, I would guess there's
  2. I've been to all of the courses mentioned in the past 2 weeks, here are my thoughts: I think Forest Dunes should be included in your schedule but to be honest, only because everyone else likes it and writes glowing reviews. After my visit, it's one of those places I had been wanting to play and now am glad I have played it, but don't need to come back. I didn't play The Loop, and that would be the only reason I'd every think about another trip. We played the original, which I found to be architecturally on the boring and forgettable side. On the back 9 I thought to myself, wait, did Tom F
  3. It really is. I'll be around at the end of August too, perhaps we can share a round. My fiance would appreciate a more balanced 4-some!
  4. I found Smash Factor to be very helpful. Also Eric Cogorno has several videos which have been useful to better understand the swing and some of my tendencies.
  5. Played the Donald Ross designed Elk Rapids GC this afternoon. Who's played it and what did you think? A fine afternoon walk if you ask me, not too easy, not too hard, good par 3's (don't all Ross courses have great par 3's?) a short par 4, and 1 1/2 hour's around. Took a few shots below.
  6. @FairwayFinder11I have an old but in pretty good shape Hoofer 2 in Gray / Black and also still have the rain cover (which I never used)... a few pictures are below. Would be willing to part with it for a fair price, it's just collecting dust in my closet.
  7. Ha, that's pretty awesome actually. I mean, seriously though, it couldn't hurt to ask. Later in the afternoon it seems to open up a lot...we started at 4:45 and the next scheduled group was at 6:15pm (on a Saturday too) .... I don't think it gets the hype or tourist golfers quite like the Bluffs course does.
  8. I think after 3pm its $75 or maybe a few more. Cart included in the rate even if you opt out to walk, which we did. Course is very walkable, all the tees and greens are nearly next to each other. As for the discount, call them up and ask? Maybe you could show them how much the stand has benefited the golfer experience / how it facilitates faster pace of play, then if that doesn't work offer to work a few hours at the stand in return for a round at South. You know what they say, you never know until you ask....
  9. Agree with your sentiment towards Forest Dunes. I was very underwhelmed, but then again, I've only played it one time so should revisit. It felt like a Fazio course to me on the front 9 and also agree none of the holes were memorable. Couldn't agree with you more about Arcadia South. I also played in right when it opened and I think it was in decent shape so maybe not quite as early as you did, but still was underwhelmed. I think my appreciation for course architecture has grown since then and I've been back to play the South several times since then, most recently this past Saturd
  10. Neither, drop on tee box and hit away. No need for a tee if you make a good swing!
  11. The bottom line answer is: NO! It was a strong first effort - I made it 45 holes. I blame my shortfall to taking too much time off between rounds.....I ran out of daylight. I probably could have made it 50 holes or if I had decided to start the back 9 of the last course, but I realized I wasn't going to be able to even run 9 holes in the 50 minutes before sunset so just called it a day at 45... My strategy going out was to start as early as possible right when the sun came up which would allow me to be the first off and hopefully finish in ~ 3 hours or so. I started at 7:20am and p
  12. I like @AzSuperHack76 suggestion to look at Crystal Mountain Resort, there are two golf courses there and a pretty good practice area (not nearly as nice as Arcadia - Bluffs course, but a close 2nd in the area).. for what it's worth Crystal Mountain is very proud of their course conditions and green specifically but it more importantly for you, it would be a rather central location to a lot of the places you mentioned. I've spent a little over a year in the Frankfort area and other there are some very good hidden gems close by - Champion Hill & Pinecroft are daily fee and ~1/4th the price
  13. Does anyone have a recommendation for where to look to buy either very gently used or new FJ Classics, other than on eBay? My guess is there are a lot of mint pairs just sitting in closets (hopefully with shoe trees of course!) I'd be interested in any of the 1857 too which seem to have been discontinued now?
  14. @Jota_Jota This is just fantastic. There are SO many! It seems they're all small, family run businesses, which I prefer to support whenever possible. I'm curious to learn which on the list you'd recommend to help me find a putter head cover for a SC Futura Phantom Mallet 2. It's a very odd shape and I don't like the typical mallet putter cover style it fits with but prefer the blade style cover. Thanks!
  15. @Mookieb10 this is a superb post and your observations really give me a new perspective to this tree removal trend. I must say (completely serious) that your thoughts have added a lot of value to my golfing life today. Thanks!
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