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  1. Need some help. I recently came across a woman who tells me she’s selling her dad’s old Scotty Cameron putter. She didn’t claim it is a Circle T and doesn’t know golf. Need some insight on if this a real welded neck CT or a knockoff.
  2. Hi All - Trying to figure out if a putter listed for sale is a fake (the head cover isn’t posted here because I can 100% tell it’s not legit - which has me suspicious). My guess is that it is fake because of the face lettering being a little large and milling too deep. I don’t know what I don’t know, so I would some brains bigger than mine to weigh in please and specify what to look for.... and if it is genuine, what’s a fair price? Thanks a bunch for the assist!
  3. PM sent last Sunday on putter you had for sale. I'm interested, but haven't heard back... Just had a baby, so I get it might take a while to hear back, but wanted to make sure my reply was on your radar. Thanks
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