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  1. It feels like it should be A, but by the letter of the law it's likely C
  2. I think you'd be surprised what a bit of confidence can do for your clubhead speed! That said, I can't recommend a fitting enough, especially if you've never tried it before. Keep in mind that a fitting is just a service to provide a recommendation, you are in no way obligated to drop $550+ on a new big stick. Maybe a weight/hosel/shaft tweak for your existing head could give you even more out of what you already love!
  3. Just pulled the trigger on a minty Toulon Chicago w/Stroke Lab - 34" with a Traxion Tour 3.0 in Black/White. Can't wait to try the new sexiness when it arrives! Though now I'll need to find a different excuse for missing putts...
  4. Varies heavily based on your swing and sand conditions - softer sand and steeper angle of attack generally performs better with higher bounce, harder sand and shallower aoa better with lower. If you can work with your club's pro and demo a bunch on course that would be ideal. I personally prefer a shallower aoa by default, so even my 12* bounce on my 54* feels like too much on non-bunker shots, but in the bunker I've yet to feel like I've had too much
  5. I've just started re-gripping my own clubs, and am strongly considering switching all of my MCC +4 midsize (66g) grips over to the Tour Velvet +4s, but in standard (52g) with 2 extra wraps of tape. I've done it on one club to test out and really like the slightly smaller size and softer feel vs the MCC. However, I have no clue if there are any swing weight considerations to keep in mind with the tape vs a thicker/heavier grip. Any idea how close the 2 extra wraps of tape under a 52g standard grip will bring the swing weight to a 66g midsize grip?
  6. Haven't tried the PXG, but either way I'd suggest a fitting to make her actual decision. That said, I fell in love with my SIM Ti 3W from my first round demo'ing it and went from someone with little-to-no confidence in my long game (especially my old 3 wood), to it being my favorite and once of my most reliable clubs in the bag.
  7. I play a 917 D2 10.5 at C1 with the stock Diamana D+ 70 S and absolutely hate it. My swing has come a long way since I first got it, and currently no matter what I do I can't get spin #s below 3k rpm, even with 4-5* up AoA. I also feel like the club has very little oomph high in the face. That said... I'm sure it's just a terrible fit for me, and the club is perfectly fine for someone it's designed for
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll give it a shot!
  9. I'm currently gaming a Ping Cadence TR Anser 2 putter, and while putting has been one of the strongest parts of my game, I've definitely missed putts hitting out of the toe or heel a bit. I also demo'd a SpiderX to try the other end of the spectrum, and while I decided I really didn't like the mallet style for pace control, I found the extra long alignment line felt like almost cheating. A deeper blade, like a Scotty Squareback, Odyssey DoubleWWide, etc, seems like it could be a perfect middle ground. The bottom line: Have you switched from a blade/Anser to a "deep" blade like
  10. How do the Traxions compare to the Tour 360s? I normally love my spikeless shoes but thinking of picking of a pair of these for wetter days...
  11. Pre-ordered a dozen of each that arrived this week! Totally agree that the feel is softer for both (especially the X) I noticed it most with the irons. Launch/spin are very close for wedges and driver, maybe a touch more spin on wedges with the X, but I notice a real spin difference (~300-400 RPM) on my irons. As someone who could use a touch more iron spin the X has been a better fit for me, but I've always preferred the slightly softer feel of the V1. This year's model gives me the best of both worlds!
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