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  1. Thank you for that, yes it has helped a lot! It’s made me realise that I have made the right decision, the putter left piretti yesterday which I believe is Texas on route to Sheffield, England hopefully will be holing putts this time next week. The Head shape looks small with the Matera and that appealed to me, is this the case? .... i.e not much distance either side of the ball when clubface sat behind the ball? Compact maybe is a better word. That appeals to me a lot. Thanks again.
  2. Just put an order in for a Piretti Putter, I’ve been swapping putters for a while now and in the back of my mind has always been ... I want a Piretti... I’ve literally been through 4 putters this last week! I want to find something I stick with, I have used double bend shafted putters for last few years and saw that Piretti brought out the Matera in a DB option which is the 303 Midnight. Has anyone used this putter or one of the options from this series? Some feedback would be great! This is the putter and it looks amazing so excited to finally hopefully stick with a putter this seas
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