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  1. Yeah, I agree that the shaft change is having the biggest positive effect for me, but also just upgrading from GI irons to more of a player's iron profile has been a huge plus for me. I could hit the GI irons a mile, but I could never dream of this kind of accuracy or feel on pured shots. I thought I just sucked (which might still be the case), but it's amazing what having the right equipment will do! Best of luck with your Pros - I hope you love them as much as I do.
  2. I initially bought the 699 Pro 5-PW with the intention of either picking up a 4 iron or AW based on my distances and gapping, plus doing a shaft fitting at a local shop, and after a few weeks of adjusting to the KBS Tour 120 shafts in my irons (first steel shafts I've ever gamed, so way heavier than I'm used to but feel amazing), in the shaft fitting it actually turns out the Tour 120s recommended by the guys at Sub70 were spot on for me. I tested them against a couple Modus models, Project X, and Dynamic Golds, and my numbers were by far the best and most consistent with the KBS shafts I alr
  3. I believe the "standard" shaft most demos come with are the Tour V90s, but I'm pretty sure they can send you other options depending on what they have on hand. The 699 Pros I demoed happened to come with the Tour 110s, and I ended up going with Tour 120s for the set I bought.
  4. I switched from the Callaway Mavriks to 699 Pros, and I found the Pros even just as forgiving as the frickin' Mavriks, but so much more controllable. I've also lost about a half club in distance vs. my Callaways, but that's a sacrifice I was more than willing to make because I'm hitting more greens than ever. It's amazing how easy these Sub70s are to hit on-target. I'm getting GI iron-level forgiveness with player's iron control. I'm also a "tweener," and after talking to the guys at Sub70 they recommended going KBS Tour 120 with a soft step for me. Give them a call and talk to
  5. Glad you like them! Did you demo them beforehand? I have the KBS Tour 120s in my 699 Pros, so I can attest to how great they feel through the swing and how smooth they are. These are my first steel shafts after only playing graphite my entire life, and I was blown away by how stable and smooth they actually feel. I'm actually having the opposite problem as you, because they're launching a little too high for my taste, so next week I'm doing a shaft fitting at a local shop where I'll likely be hitting a P790 head with the different shaft options Sub70 offers and see what gets my
  6. @Reds I hope you love the 639s! They look sweet. I switched from GI irons to the 699 Pros, so they have very different characteristics and can't quite be compared head-to-head, but I'm very curious to hear how your 639s stack up directly against the Mizunos.
  7. I played yesterday for my birthday with a couple buddies at my personal favorite course, a tough links-style track on the Northern California coast I've been playing since I was a kid when my dad would take me along with him. This course holds a very special place in my heart, but it is a serious test. It's relatively short, but wind conditions, thick rough, and challenges the terrain creates make it one of those courses where placement is very key, and if you miss your target you're screwed. It is not forgiving whatsoever, and this place just eats golf balls for breakfast. I've come to th
  8. I wasn't able to talk to Jason directly before I ordered because we were both extremely busy and kept playing phone tag, but I talked to Dan, their VP, who recommended the Tour 120s stiff w/ a soft step after hearing about my game and that I was having this issue with the Tour 110s regular flex. My Mavriks have the Project X Catalyst 6.0 graphite stiff 75 gram shafts, and the X-22s has whatever the stock 65 gram graphite regular flex option was. I may have hit those 150, but my dispersion was garbage. I will definitely talk to Jason after my fitting, but I would prefer to see the actual num
  9. Definitely, and I don't expect them to go as far as the Mavriks, but with the CG on the Mavriks so low and far back, the 27 degree 7 iron does have a bit higher trajectory than, say, a 27 degree 6 iron in another model. They're kind of in between a "normal" 7 and 6 iron. And as mentioned, my old X-22 7 iron was 33 degrees, and I still hit 150 pretty consistently with that. I don't want or need to hit 155-160 consistently with the Sub70 7 iron, but I would like to get back to the neighborhood of 150, and I'm really hoping the right shaft will do that. If not, I guess I can just swallow my p
  10. Okay, as promised, I'm back for a quick review after having the 699 Pros for a little over a week now. Shipping was delayed a few days due to the recent crazy winter weather across the country, but they still arrived about a week after I placed my order. So far I've hit the range twice with them and played 2 rounds with them in the bag. As with every Sub70 order, the set arrived beautifully packed and included tees and ball markers, stickers, a really nice hat, and a handwritten letter. I've never had brand new irons before, so pulling these out of the box to just admire them wa
  11. I was always reluctant to even give steel a shot because I just assumed they would feel way too heavy and rigid, but actually swinging them that wasn't the case at all. They're super smooth and I could hardly feel the weight difference when hitting them. My 699 demos came with the Tour V-90 shafts, and the Pros came with the Tour 110 shafts, and the first time I took them to the range I literally didn't even realize they had different shafts because I couldn't feel that 20 gram difference. The added weight did have a positive effect, however, as I found I could swing harder with
  12. I've been browsing GolfWRX forums for a long time but finally decided to make an account just so I could chime in on my experience with the Sub70 699s and 699 Pros so far. Sorry in advance for the novel, I'm just super excited about these irons... I'm 32 and have been playing golf casually since I was about 13, and all that time I've just been playing hand-me-down game improvement irons with stock graphite shafts. During COVID, I've had the time to really get into golf for the first time in my life, at least one round and one range session per week, and my handicap has dropped fr
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