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  1. What are your thoughts on how project X IO compares to project X?
  2. Is there an advantage to letting them rust?
  3. Why not get an All-Fit universal adapter? I too have switched between taylormade and cobra heads. I have the all-fit, but have not yet installed it as I am stocking to the cobra Radspeed for now.
  4. Also ordered from Fairway golf (3/26) and got UPS info today that I should have them on Monday (04/12).
  5. What is your clubhead speed?
  6. My autoflex driver shaft. It lead to buying 2 additional driver heads ( a used Sim Max and new Radspeed) and head weights to tinker with swing weights. The sad part is I don't even trust the autoflex so I use my Sim2 Max / Ventus black (at least the Golf Galaxy glitch got this shaft for free)
  7. I prefer my Ventus black over my Autoflex. I have a Ventus blue in one of my back up drivers but I like they say, once you go black...….
  8. For those of you that have cut the autoflex down to a normal length, did you try it at full length first and are you getting more clubhead speed at the shorter length? For whatever reason, I can swing my Sim2 Max with the Ventus black 6S (46" playing length) the same speed as my Cobra Radspeed with the 505 Autoflex (46.75" playing length). I am around 105 mph clubhead speed with both.
  9. Does the playing length of a driver change by replacing the OEM adapter with an All-Fit adapter? Specifically I am interested in knowing what happens with Taylormade and Cobra.
  10. I changed out the 10 gram weights to a 5 gram for the back and a 4 gram for the slider weight. That put me at D1. Also, I have a 6 gram weight in the back on my SIM Max. I bought a head off ebay with that weight in it. That put me at C9 with the Sim Max.
  11. You should check your swing weight because my SIM at full weight and uncut shaft length with a Winn DriTac grip came in at over D7. You may need to swap the back weight out for a lighter one to get the swing weight down.
  12. Correct, the adapter weight is not included in my 187 grams.
  13. The head weight is dependent on shaft length. My Radspeed is 187 grams with 2 gram weights in both spots. I didn't cut my autoflex, so I have to go light on the head to get my D1.5 swing weight. I think the low spin of the Radspeed and the high launch of the autoflex is the right combo for me. I am not yet convinced that I need to cut the shaft down yet.
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