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  1. Thanks fellas. My son is really struggling with his hips out racing his hands. Towels in a duffel bag are the perfect solution. I don’t need anything fancy, just a way to focus on impact position
  2. I don’t know if you can tell by any swing indicators, but everything I’ve seen is simply based on hand size
  3. What makes the eyeline cube better than the versions that are $20-$30?
  4. Looking to buy an impact bag. Any suggestions? Does it really matter? Are they all the same? Thanks in advance
  5. Check eBay. You can find all kinds of uskids there. I would buy them months ahead because I knew we would eventually need them. Just keep checking, good deals pop up often found this with a quick search
  6. Our HS teams get range tokens they can use whenever they want and then play once a week in the preseason. No actual coaching, it’s more of a faculty sponsor type deal. I’m in TN, we play 5 boys for 4 scores and 3 girls for 2
  7. I can appreciate the use of the synthetics, but we are all natural in our house. We use real badger milk, it’s the only supplement needed. I have also ordered the Hammer and we have started working on screaming POW! When he hits his driver. The two combined should be and automatic 80 yard gain off the tee.
  8. I would suggest checking eBay regularly. You can usually find what you need at a fraction of the cost
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