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  1. I can appreciate the use of the synthetics, but we are all natural in our house. We use real badger milk, it’s the only supplement needed. I have also ordered the Hammer and we have started working on screaming POW! When he hits his driver. The two combined should be and automatic 80 yard gain off the tee.
  2. I would suggest checking eBay regularly. You can usually find what you need at a fraction of the cost
  3. Played my first round with the 5.5 today. Was really pleased. Had used a couple times on the putting green, but stroke play is the only way to decide. Felt like I only missed a putt if I misread it. Very easy to line up, has a great feel. Definitely the best putter I’ve ever used.
  4. Same for me. I still haven’t been notified or charged by GG but mine showed up yesterday. I have a fedex account so I got notifications from them that it was coming just not GG. I also ordered 35.5 on the 1st day of preorder.
  5. Got my shipping notification this morning! Scheduled to arrive Tuesday. Ordered from GG GG website still show that the order is processing. My notice came from fedex
  6. I’m interested in the emergency beacon you have on her bag? Does it require cell service? Our children do not have cell phones yet, so something for emergencies would be amazing
  7. So, you think me not speaking to my child, not ever making eye contact with him, never placing myself in the round at all, creates a mental cushion for him to fall back on? Interesting. Man one of the great joys of parenting (for me) is watching my children have fun. My kids don’t play sports so that I can enjoy watching, but damn if I don’t get joy from it. Just like I get joy from watching them play in the waves at the beach or beat the hell out of each other in a game of backyard football. There’s a big difference between enjoying watching your kids compete and living through your kids comp
  8. Oh and we have a no “looking at dad rule”. Don’t look at me when you do something well and don’t look at me when that 3 footer lips out. We can talk about all of the good tonight and the bad at some time in the future. The only thing I ever get “on to him about” after a round, is a poor attitude. If he acts like an a** that gets addressed immediately. everything else is on his timetable.
  9. Just curious, are you saying that parents should never watch their kids? It’s hard to tell if you are trolling or being honest (mark of a great troll by the way: congrats if that’s the case). I can get there being some benefit to kids playing without parents around, but there is also a great emotional benefit for kids to have their parents at their events. I’m a high school coach, I’ve seen all kinds of craziness through the years. I can tell you though, in my experience, kids want their parents there to watch them. Most would prefer they watch silently, but they want them there. Honestly I
  10. I think this is age dependent. I would never feel comfortable leaving 6-8 year olds alone on a course. My 13 year old, yeah all day without an issue. Not sure there is a concrete right or wrong, but definitely some benefit to older kids playing without parents
  11. Dang, mine still says available to ship 3/25 on GG website.
  12. Haven’t received anything from golf galaxy yet about shipping.
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