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  1. Wow! Crazy interest on these clubs. Kindly DM me your best offer. Thanks
  2. Standard length loft and Lie. 6.0 rifle shafts except: 1 iron R300U 7 iron S300U Cost of shipping not included, location Europe (Germany) Any questions please ask!
  3. I'm a Pro based in Europe. I was given one from a customer and it's the non-conforming model. It's a R580 xd with no lines on the club face. It has the normal stock shaft in stiff, a 9.5 head and it is AWESOME! Ridiculously long and as straight as anything else I've tried... 18 years old and still beats today's best models.
  4. Possible yes. Although I was initially quoted 2000 usd to change region. Have you had any luck on golf simulator forum?
  5. I recently bought a GCQuad from golf simulator forum. FSX 20 cost nothing to transfer, you just need the 16 digit code and an FSX Live account. Transferral of ownership cost me 2500 usd. And that included changing region from USA to Europe. You could use the Quad through a vpn and not change regions.
  6. I've have a set of these too. Beautiful clubs! Still don't know what to do with them
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