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  1. Couldn't get a tee time after his win last year. Good to see I am not the only one that wants to shrink the game! Lol
  2. Nearly the same combo I have, can't imagine anything kicking this club out of the bag. GLWTS
  3. Cleaning out the garage before I move into my new house. All items are priced to include shipping via USPS CONUS only (Paypal). 2017 Taylormade M2 driver head (10.5, K serial). There is slight scratch near the toe, can't see it at address. HC included. $120 2016 Taylormade M2 Driver head (10.5, extra weight included). One of the cleanest heads out there for its age. Hate to see it go. HC included. Sold 2019 Taylormade M5 15 degree fairway wood. Pretty clean head, some scratches on the crown and face. Cannot see them at address. Mitsubishi CK Orange 75 X-Stiff. Plays at 44". HC included.
  4. They have sent me 2 clubs in the last three weeks that have been far from "Like New" condition. CPO has really slipped from what I can tell.
  5. Not sure how the SM8s are cheaper, every tiny upgrade on wedgeworks is like $25.
  6. 2017 M2 3HL is a rocket launcher and easier to hit than my M5 3 wood. Nothing has kicked my 2017 out of the bag.
  7. A is twistface. Selection B is a traditional rounded face
  8. I keep mine in the back seat of my crew cab sierra. Fold up the rear seats, I have weather tech mats that are easy to clean if they get dirty.
  9. So pleased with my rawhide mat, I might just buy a second one. I ended up with a Powernet 10x7 net from amazon. Unfortunately it seems they went out of stock with all the golfers buying up this kind of stuff, otherwise l highly recommend them for a good value. I would have went with the cage net but I am on a acre lot so it isn't as big of a deal if miss one a bit. Wish I would have bought a setup like this years ago.
  10. Great ball but the durability is suspect. I switched back to the prov 1x. I can hit every tree on the course and it still looks new after 18. Pops off the driver and feels great around the greens. They are pricey but they really are the standard even though I am a die hard taylormade guy.
  11. What is your handicap: **5** Current driver shaft and flex: **Diamana Kuro Kage XT 60 TX** Have you tried Ventus before: **No** Choose your Ventus model (Red or Black): **Black** Choose your weight and flex: **6X** Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos?**Yes**
  12. On the flip side I have seen some pretty crappy behavior from sellers as well here. Slow responses, not updating ads after items sell, never provide tracking, just sloppy in general. Compared to the guitar folks I normally deal with there are tons of amateur sellers here. This site used to be much better for classifieds.
  13. City and State (US Only): **Oklahoma City, OK** Handicap: **5** Current Irons: **Taylormade P790** Favorite Feature of the New P790 irons: **Compact shape and reduced offset compared to my current set. Curious to see if they perform any better than an already stellar iron.** If selected, do you agree to participate in a review thread? We would ask you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide a review of the clubs? **Absolutely!**
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