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  1. I have always used iron head covers. About a year ago I got fitted for for a set full set of Ping G410s. Driver to gap wedge. The irons aren't forged and have the hydro-pearl finish which just looks great. To have these clanking around in the bag would be a careless waste to my mind. I use the neoprene covers which are quick to get on and off. Most days my umbrella is not in use so the handle is pointed at me righr next to the iron heads in my bag. I can get a cover off an on in a couple of seconds. During the shot the cover is sitting on the umbrella handle. Head covers and time wasting is a
  2. Hi, I am in the market for a new Ping golf bag. I currently have a Ping Pioneer that is several years old and overdue for retirement. I note that the Ping Pioneer 191 bags have been out for a long while now. I understand that Covid has tipped everything upside down, but I was wondering if any has any idea when a new Pioneer might be released. The current color options don't really do it for me, it would be just my luck that I buy a 191 and a new range is released next week.
  3. Another cool thing, when you are operating the buggy on the remote, the remote unit sends the buggy a heartbeat signal every couple of seconds to make sure they dont get out of range of each other. If the buggy misses a heartbeat signal it stops straight away. True story, one of my regular playing partners now leaves his old motorised buggy unsecured in the club locker room. He is hoping someone takes it so he has a reason to buy a Navigator to replace it.
  4. I have the Ping Pioneer bag also. It fits really well, I am sure most if not all cart bags would fit well also. Another interesting thing to note - When you are operating the buggy manually if you are navigating lumpy and uneven ground I find I am always needing to correct the steered direction. (No doubt this would be the same for most motorised buggies). The great thing with the Navigator is, on the remote the motor controller (there is a motor for each wheel) detects a direction change due to un even ground (one wheel rotating faster than it should) and it automatically corrects. Its b
  5. For the Navigator the remote slides into a cradle under the handle. Its easy to remove and replace the remote to/from the cradle without having to look under the handle. After you press Stop on the remote the unit automatically sets a motor speed of 2 which is a pain because the normal walking speed is 4 or 5. No doubt this is a safety thing. I always cradle the remote when setting up for a shot. I worry that if I drop it into my pocket it could fall out and I could lose it on the course if I walk around on manual control for a while.
  6. I have the MGI Navigator and it is the best money that I have spent in my life. My home course (I play Saturday members comp) is very hilly for the front 9 and flat on the back 9. I actually use the Navigator to pull me up the really steep sections. On the back 9 I use the remote alot. It allows me to drop and relax my arms whilst walking up and down the fairways. The fatigue saving from the remote is great. I also get a more relaxed feeling as I transition to setting up for my next shot. I originally thought the remote would be a bit of a gimmick, but it saves my back 9. If my Navigator got h
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