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  1. maruman shuttle gold is a really easy to play driver option also
  2. can you imagine an updated i210 that feels even better and is even more forgiving - UTOPIA
  3. just luv SOFT feel in general - although you like a bit of solid feel too. I find Ping irons give me that even though they are generally cast. PXG's have always felt good to me so will be interesting to see what Gen4 has to offer. I own the Gen3's but would not be against trading up to the new ones if they can show me they are as forgiving as Gandhi.
  4. they make good stuff and the website claims Japan is indeed where they are manufactured.
  5. I'm a fan of PXG in general although never tried their drivers.... hoping Gen4 are eye-catching; softer than a baby's bum and more forgiving than Mother Teresa. And black...
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