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  1. Update! Played a one day local tournament this Sunday. Came in first place with a score of 71 (1 under par). Also played on Saturday and shot a 68. New Handicap: 1,7 !!! Stats: course length in yards: 6612 y (slope 142) score: 71 strokes gained stats driving -1,00 approach. +1,01 short game. +1,48 putting. -1,66 As you might see, putting is the worst.
  2. FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov Hi everyone! I am very sorry for not writing last week. I had to visit a family member and so disinterested have the time. And then I forgot. It happens. These last two weeks I have been focusing a lot on the range of motion and stretching exercises. Another aim was to improve my putting, and with 11 hours of putting in two weeks I am very happy with my practice. On Sunday I am also going to post my practice times for this weekend. Practice times for this week (2 weeks): Putting - 11 hours Chipping - 5 hours Tec
  3. Hi! I saw that many of you were wondering why I said course condition as a reason to withdraw. I do not live in the US. I live in Italy. And in some months such as October November some courses get very wet and the maintenance is not at its top level. And also there are some golf clubs here that are in a very bad economical position, so you will see things such as no sand in bunkers and greens with a speed of 4 on the stimp meter. Of course none of the big tournaments are organized there. But some of the smaller junior tours are played at courses like this, and so from my personal point of vi
  4. Withdrawing from a tournament with poor course conditions is totally fine, but this wouldn’t happen in the middle of a tournament. You normally arrive at the course for a practice round, or maybe just start asking friends and members the conditions of the course before the actual tournament starts. That’s when I make my decision of the course is not even worth playing. From personal experience, I never found a course that looked normal to me on a practice day, and then look totally unplayable on the next. So from my experience you will always understand the course conditions before the actual
  5. Hi! Speaking from a personal point of view (I am myself a junior golfer), my golf team for which I play does not allow me to withdraw from a tournament after I have started my first round unless I have an injury or an emergency. But I think that is linked to ranking and stats. On the other hand, I have had moments and I know other people who have withdrawn from tournaments before is started. Some of the times I withdrew were because of such cold and rainy conditions that I risked getting sick before a national or an important event. Other times I had to withdraw because the cour
  6. I was born in Russia, so this year one of my goals is to make the Russian National team by playing in their national tournaments. But because I live in Italy I am currently only ranked in Italy. As for college, my dream is to play for a D1 school with a coach that understands me and helps me achieve my goals. But at this stage I prefer to take one step at a time. I split up my goals monthly, then per season, and lastly yearly goals. I started playing golf quite late at the age of 13 (before I was a right wing in soccer) and I got my handicap about a year and 10 months ago, so by mak
  7. Very interesting! Another cool quote from Gary Player that I really REALLY like is : "The more I practice, the luckier I seem to get". And, by all means, it makes perfect sense that if you spend too much time on swomething without your 100 per cent focus, it will turn out to be useless. Quality over quantity. As an example, if you stand on the range and hit 500 shots per day it will seem as if you were very productive, and you will probably go home thinking that you practeced very weel, but in reality this was unhelpful, and even counterproductive. In my practice
  8. Last summer I was averaging around 37 putts per round because it was the only part of the game that I wasn't particularly keen about. But then after a round when I shot 81 with 43 putts I told myself that I had to practice more. After a few days of 3 hours on the putting green, I just fell in love with it. Now it's something that I practice daily.
  9. Hi! I saw that many people saw this post, but not many responded. I will continue updating this page with how my journey is going, and I hope as I go along more of you will get interested. This week was a very technical week, with a lot of my practice being inside with a mirror and lots of slo motion swings. I also worked for 7 hours on putting. To this date I have done 3 leg killer workouts and lots of stretching (every day for 30 min). Next week I will post exact times on what I have focused on during the week. Handicap is still the same. Quite a short p
  10. Hi everyone! Thanks for taking a second to read my post. I created this page to record my progress during my 3 month improvement program that I designed and structured by myself. I have been trying to figure out the best way to improve and I am doing this experiment to see if my ideas work. If anyone wants to ask any questions about me or my routine (or anything else related to golf), feel free to do so. My aim is to get from a 2,2 handicap to a +0,1 handicap. I will do updates every Friday evening, but if anyone asks I can even record my progress and share it with you more often. And I
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