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  1. Well got my zg21s a few days ago, played a full round yesterday and it was heel blister hell for me. I can try them again with different socks (played in swiftwicks) or some type of bandaid or padding, but I'm debating just returning them as I've never had this issue before. Seems like they've worked well for most people here and apart from the heel blisters, they felt fantastic. Definitely odd as my other pair of shoes are adidas 4orged spikeless and have been pain free since day 1
  2. Thanks for the heads up! Pulled the trigger on some zg21s as well
  3. Finally had my XB tour length delivered from DD yesterday and just got back from the range. Hopefully I don't jinx anything as I'm pretty inconsistent with the driver and in the midst of some big swing changes, but man that thing just wants to go straight! Coming from a g400 sft at 10*, I was struggling with pulls/hooks with the draw bias and weighting and then would occasionally slice it trying to correct my left miss. I ordered the xb with the rdx blue and it just feels very stable and repeatable for me. Apart from one hook where I reverted to an old swing fault, the majority of my shots wer
  4. So from an initial impression, do you think the zg21s will be more breathable than the 360s? I play in central Florida and breathability while also being somewhat waterproof is a must for the summer
  5. those are actually one of the top choices for me at the moment. Theyre expensive but seem perfect for my lifestyle here in FLA with lots of golfing, surfing, fishing, and just lounging about. Thanks for the rec
  6. Those look like a solid choice. Does the material have that "tech" type feel? Hard to explain what I mean but some shorts like the old navys have an odd texture that make noise as you walk when the fabric rubs against itself. Dunno if that makes any sense hah
  7. thats pretty much spot on for what I was looking for. Unfortunately the 10 in inseam is a little longer than id like and seems pretty steep pricewise (not much better than others I'm looking at though). Thanks for the suggestion!
  8. Tees/balls cheap amazon rangefinder club glove towels- large goes over my alignment sticks and small stays in pocket or with balls divot tool/ball marker 32 oz water bottle usually have peanut butter crackers somewhere in my bag extra gloves for florida humidity/rain wire brush garmin vivoactive 4 watch driver adjustment tool if i feel the need to tinker sometimes one of those vertical coolers for beer that fit in a large side pocket extra scorecard pencils
  9. appreciate all the feedback everyone. the target all in motion shorts look solid and I also like the marshalls/tj maxx suggestion. Still debating splurging on some rhones as well but it's also the price of a lesson which might be a better use of my money at the moment
  10. Orange lake is worth a visit but in my opinion orange county national (crooked cat and panther lake) should be high on your list and aren't far from where you'll be. Just make sure to check their aerification schedule as I believe I read recently that they will be closed at some point in the near future for a week (different schedules for the two courses) EDIT- crooked cat will be closed 6/7-6/17 and panther lake reopens tomorrow from aerification. Panther lake should be in fantastic shape!
  11. Curious if anyone has any advice or suggestions on some options for shorts that are super comfy but still acceptable for golf? I find that most shorts fit too long for my liking (anything over 9 in is too long for me at 5'9), feel heavy, or are too baggy and I like the idea of lightweight, breathable shorts that almost fit like gym shorts but are still styled in a way that looks fine for a round. I'm not opposed to some of the drawstring waist options I've seen, but would prefer something that still has belt loops and back/front pockets. Seems like there are a ton of options between lulu, rhon
  12. High teens (man, y'all wrxers make me feel rough about my "average" golf!). Playing a cobra f8 3/4 set to 15.5 at the moment. Went from one of the scariest clubs in my bag to a reliable fairway finder. 5/6 wood will be coming in the near future
  13. Decided to buy the efficient swing series after a few weeks of NTC. Efficient swing has really helped me smooth out some of my issues that weren't nearly as detailed in NTC. I think if you already have a solid foundation for your swing, NTC is perfect but efficient swing has brought some lightbulb moments for me. Thanks Monte!
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