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  1. I can crush a 4i right down the middle. The 3i starts to get a little wonky on me when I full swing at it. It’s not consistent either it could be a massive hook or a horrible slice no matter how I approach it. If I hit it it’s great but that’s not common and not when I have the 3h that I can hit high or low or even shape some how ever I need.
  2. I’ve been using arrchos to track rounds and some shot tracking at the range and with my old irons I had a ton of overlap with the more power lifted clubs but these seem to be much more balanced. As of now the 3i is very close to the 3h in distance just not consistency. I’ve seen quite a bit of advice now and am leaning towards maybe a 2h or just leaving it in the bad for weird circumstances because I don’t really have much of a tapping issue at the moment.
  3. It’s a 20 degree 3i. My hybrid is a 19 degree and just more reliable. I really just don’t use it because when I hit it well it’s the same distance as the hybrid but the success rate is significantly less. I only keep it in case I need a big fade or draw to get around something and honestly I’m better off not trying those haha
  4. I’m with you on the 3wood and a 5wood. I just played with my wife’s uncle and he has both in the bag and couldn’t tell the difference when he hit them well it was almost identical I think my 3h covers that area and is more versatile. Maybe I’ll see if I can find a 2h
  5. I think I’m pretty well covered with distance from Driver in honestly. The new set of irons I have or at least new to me are much more balanced even with the little bit of lost distance because they are more traditionally lofted. I can hit my 4i fine and my 3wood and the 3h is a good in between. I think I may take the leave it alone if I don’t need 14 clubs I don’t need them. I’ve gotten pretty handy changing my approach with the 3h to get a low stinger or sky high and drop it softly so I think a 5 wood would just be something else I would have to try and get the hang of.
  6. Yea I have the arcchos tracking and it’s showed it’s really my short game/approach,75yds in, that costs me strokes which is my main focus. It was my driver but I’ve changed drivers then my grip and swing and am much more consistent so maybe I need to just leave it alone and let the 3i sit in the bag as a prop haha
  7. I actually love these t-mb 716s. I got them cheap and regripped and hit much better shots. Shorter for sure though but more controlled excluding the shanks and chunks but I’d do that with anything. I think they actually have a more balanced distance gapping too. I may ditch the 3i and look into a 5wd
  8. I haven’t had a 5wd since I was a kid I was afraid it would be redundant with the hybrid. I can hit my 4i well and shape better but the 3 ends up being a disaster if I touch it. And I have the 3h that I’ve gotten pretty handy with even tough shots under trees etc. just feel like for the first time I have extra clubs haha
  9. Yea I’m pretty well covered from driver in just never use the 3i I can adjust my approach with the 3h to do about anything and it’s more reliable. I just heading that way now having clubs I’ll never touch in the bag if I could have something more useful
  10. So I’ve recently started golfing again and am around an 8 at the moment sometimes playing like 10 sometimes a 4. I’ve got some second hand Titleist T-MB 716 irons 3-9, Cobra 3h, 3 wood and Driver then 48,54 and 60 wedges and a putter. That’s 14 but I feel like the 3 iron is not very useful is there something I should change to instead.
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