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  1. To clarify a few of the points for the club order. A friend of mine also ordered sim2 Max irons with modus shafts and is also being quoted 26 August for shipping. All of the clubs I ordered have the standard grips as well. The store is also saying every one of their Taylormade orders is saying a shipment date of 26 August. Lastly, this was supposed to be a reputable club fitter because I found them from looking through the golf digest top 100 club fitters. So I guess I am trying to figure out what the better option is here. I assume that Taylormade will fill orders as they ge
  2. I am hoping to get a sanity check from all of the smart people on this forum about a timeline on getting new clubs. The background is I went to a local club fitter and had a fitting and ordered some custom clubs through them. The dates ordered and clubs are: Ordered on 6 February: P790s with $-taper shafts Ordered on 13 Feb: Sim2 Max 3 hybrid with Hzrdus smoke shaft Sim2 Max 9 degree driver with Rogue silver shaft They told me initially that it would be 4-6 weeks after each order. I just called them to get an update and now they are saying
  3. I just went for a fitting for a new driver and 3-wood (which I had never done before and I can't believe what I have been missing). I ended up really liking the Sim 2 Max driver and 3-wood but I'm a little concerned about how far the 3-wood goes compared to my 3 hybrid. I was hitting the driver about 300 and I hit my 3-hybrid about 245. The normal Sim 2 Max 3-wood I hit about 280-285 and so I am wondering if I should consider the 3-wood HL to put my 3-wood more in between the hybrid and driver. I know that this probably isn't a clear cut answer but what should I be considering to help deci
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