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  1. @Howard_Jones sorry if this is a ridiculous question, but i building a set and using your AWESOME chart above, but in regards to the PW. Its listed wit 285gs and also with 300 gs. Whats the difference between those? Which should i use when building a set using AMT White x100. Thanks Howard
  2. I think mentioned playing the Modus, right? I personally always felt the Modus spun a lot more for me than other shafts did. I tried the 120s & x, they both seemed to float on me. Sometimes the shaft & head combo just doesnt work for someone. That MMC & Modus may just cause you to deliver more dynamic loft and spin. I always did better with the Dynamic Gold stuff & also KBS C Tapers were great. They have the “Lite” line that you might love. Ya never know. in terms of the ball, you can try the Titleist AVX. It def lowers spin & that could help. obvi
  3. no, was just going by some posts from others above.......
  4. im wit ya Tot, amazing how many stupid comments people make when it comes to mental health. like the money he made on tour has anything to do with it. smh It's one of those things that if you never had it, it's hard to grasp how difficult it is. hope he comes out of it alright
  5. It’s definitely the spin and if you get on a monitor, its going to show that. The MMC’s were def one of the highest spinners in my testing as well and for us “avg” length players, its not a good fit, imo. I hit almost exact yardages as you do, based on your Apex stats, and i felt the MMC’s were too short as well. You can def offset some of that spin with the right loft, ball, shaft, etc but you can also sell em and get something that has more “jump”. Good luck
  6. I agree with G’s post as well..the Apex Pros are really nice irons and pretty forgiving, honestly. You will definitely be able to handle them & as you improve they will get even better. I wouldnt touch the lofts until you get em on the course and can really gauge turf interaction, etc. and just make sure you are getting the right shaft for your swing. That is a make or break in all irons….obviously. Imo, you need to love the look of the club and then the feel has to match. They are not as tough to hit as you might think & plenty of forgiveness. Those Mizuno forged are nice
  7. So here is the dilemma. Just built a setup with the Modus 120TX. Only a week in, but i have noticed from 6 iron thru 4 , that the weight and/or stiffness is a bit much for me. The PW thru 7 feel great and love the control, dispersion, traj, etc. but those longer clubs are a bit too much & tough to turnover when needed. Sooooo, how best to remedy this…without buying another set of shafts.. 1. get divorced, buy whatever the hell i want & if that didnt work, just buy more. 2. Stay with these TX but try to SSx1 the 6, 5, 4 irons. Or even SSx2 if needed. With this
  8. This place is its own world. Haha. & it’s glorious.
  9. Hahaha. U right man. I was really just posting it to bust chops & have a little fun. I myself, was a long time MP14 player, which were awesome clubs. And i played em as a kid & thru high school, with much success…so they do have a sentimental hold…and your take on the Srix folks is right on as well. Two solid brands & really nice forged sticks. I do think the Srix perform better and i guess i can only compare, first hand, wit the MP14s & 32s.
  10. I think you might be on to something here. Almost any level of ball striker can claim to get that mizuno “feel” from avg contact. I never thought of it that way but it does make sense. And its not like they dont feel nice but the incessant love they get is a bit over the top..especially when the performance & feel of other irons are superior, imo. I built a combo set of P7MBs/MCs/770 and they have as good or better feel and i prefer their performance so far. And i dont have to rave about my Srixons either, but they might be best of the 3 i named. Zforged/Zx7 combo and they are
  11. I gamed the MP14s for a looonngg time & they were awesome clubs, great feel…i have not liked the JPX line & over the years have become less impressed with the Mizzys. Srixon are on the top of my list nowadays and their performance is too notch.
  12. Agree on the modus 120x. Always disliked that one. Also spun way too much
  13. I agree on the titleist comparison. Similar
  14. Dont worry, they’ll tell you…again..and again
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