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  1. I have both and i prefer the 7MCs but thats because they more like a blade. I dont think the forgiveness on the MCs is that bad and both spin enough imo…but the zx7 have more jump in them & lower lofts which is most likely the spin issue you see. the zx7 def more of a powerful feel and the MCs more bladeish. Honestly, if you need some spin, the easiest way is changing the ball. The TP5 and BXS spin enough to make any club stop. Lol. GL
  2. Sweet. Id def like to hear how you like it. Which 3 wood you putting it with?
  3. Gotcha. Now im really not sure what to do. Ha. Did u try the Blue 8x at all? Or not yet.
  4. Im in a similar boat and love the Blue 6x in my driver buy not sure about 3 wood. I was leaning towards blue 7x in 3 wood but have never tried it. What didnt you like about it compared to the blue 6x that u love? I currently have the rdx black 70g in 6.5 and it feels too boardy.
  5. Similar boat. P7MB, P7MC and 770. So far so good. Love all 3 and enjoy learning the feels of the different models. Also have a set of Zforged, zx7 and zx5. Another 3 some that plays great together. As long as shafts are not different and lofts are steady, then the more the merrier. Lol
  6. This is GREAT!!!! Love it. I thought i was crazy for doing something along these lines. Admittedly i’m not going different iron for each one but i have unintentionally ended up with a mixed set and its been AMAZING. Currently gaming P7MB PW, P7MC in 9-7 , Zx7 in 6-5, Zx5 in the 4. I honestly didnt attempt to do this but i had these multiple sets that i have been building (cuz im a crazy WRXr) and this mixed set worked best by far. Ohhh and the shafts arent exactly the same either but they work & im sticking with em…..for now. Ha. Go for it man!!!
  7. Nessism is 100% on point. Your issue seems to be with this store fittings. What your experiencing indoors on a mat is not translating to the course where turf interaction is KING, imo. I have had same issue with the srixons. They perform indoors and on mats but they dont feel right on actual grass where it matters. You def need to get a fitting outdoors & then see what iron prevails. And like others have said, if those Pings are your bread n butter, then make only small changes without straying too far from those iron characteristics. I def get that Its tough to stay with those irons when so many sweet new models keep coming out….. GL
  8. Bob is right on point..i recently built a combo set of MB/MC/770 and they each had bullet weights in the hosel chamber between 12gs - 17gs. That blow torch worked overtime to get them out. Much easier to order a bit over standard length and then adjust from there. That is an unfortunate work around to get the SW you want , without a bunch of work removing hosel weights
  9. I think they look pretty damn cool the way they are now. Unique
  10. Haha. I hear ya with the PGASS in Paramus. Depending on what you need done, GolfEtc in Morristown is ok too. Not cheap & you may not love the personality of the owner but they do solid work. There’s also one guy at GolfGalaxy in Paramus that is good. I am in your neck of the woods & build my own clubs/repairs but have gone to GG to pick this guys brain & he def knows what hes doing. But hes the only one of that bunch. Bald dude, glasses, stache. Lol otherwise, i looked everywhere up here & not much around in terms of quality work
  11. These will be gone any minute. Great lookin set. GLWS
  12. If you get desperate, i have been looking for the P7MC in the 7 iron to complete a combo that i built. Let me know if you get to that point. Ha
  13. ^^^^^^1000% this. Diet is about insulin control. Eating a bunch of times a day is pure nonsense and the only reason you have to do it is because you eat way too many carbs & are always hungry. Protein, fat, control carbs. Jason Fung, Ben Bikman, Gary Taubes….and no more need for 8 small meals a day with insulin always up. Btw, that “magical” kale cant sniff the rear end of this Ribeye. The myth of veggies & whole grains & seeds is just that, a myth. Of the 3 macros theres only 1 not needed for survival, and thats carbs. 6am - 2 ounce raw liver (frozen) 6am to 2pm - coffee/HC/butter if i want 2pm- cheese, eggs, bacon 530pm - only big meal of day. Some kind of Meat/fish/dairy. Eat until FULL/Satisfied 6pm- coffee if you want Rinse & repeat Never hungry, never dealing with sugar spikes & then drops over 3 yrs eating this way. down 50lbs, all bloodwork improved drastically, blood pressure down and havent eaten a Veg in 2yrs. Do your research and eat the diet that you trust & believe in. Dont blindly follow anything Doctors/Nutritionists have contributed to the highest obesity & diabetes in this countries history. They have been more wrong than anyone cares to admit
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