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  1. 100% agree with the post above. I started playing last year. Watched countless videos and switched my swing every other week. Would play great then play like I’ve never swung a club before. Finally gave up and had a lesson and man did that simplify things. Going on lesson 3 now im much better and when things go wrong i have one or two swing thoughts, not 10. Only listen to the instructor or it’s a waste of money.
  2. I have the tsi2 with the mitsubishi raw blue shaft. Its awesome
  3. A toe shank is not the same as a real shank which is off the hosel. When you hit the ball off the hosel it will go sideways. It’s infuriating
  4. I love mine also. Its so forgiving I haven’t hit a bad ball with it yet. Have only taken to the range a few times though
  5. I went from a ping g2 54 to a 54 cbx2. I would say i lost about 10 yards of distance but im deadly accurate and hitting the ball extremely high. Im happy but definitely less distance than I expected
  6. Finally got my tsi2. Will test it out tonight. Titleist gave me 2 dozen prov1s for my troubles
  7. I just started playing last year and became obsessed quick. A lot of people told me to spend money on lessons, not clubs........Of course I didn't listen and dropped thousands on all new clubs. They were right. I got my first lesson recently and that's the best money I've spent so far. Definitely get a decent set of used clubs and buy lessons. If you end up hating golf, resell the clubs and you won't lose too much.
  8. I know last year my buddy dented his m5 driver. No questions asked he had a brand new sim to replace it within 3 days
  9. Had the shanks so bad at the range last week, I was terrified to go to the course. Didn’t shank one on the course (didnt play great but ill take it) My shanks are usually due to shifting weight on downswing to my toes. I practiced nonstop keeping weight more balanced to my heels by keeping my toes curled up and also just put two towels on the ground and practiced hitting between them. I try to basically hit the closest towel to keep my hands tighter inside. Works for me but still gunna practice a lot throughout the week
  10. Yeah same exact swing for all clubs. Just wider stance for woods, ball forward and slight spine tilt
  11. I have no idea what’s going on with them. My tsi2 3 wood came in 2 days after release with the same shaft. Its just a mitsubishi raw blue
  12. I ordered a ts2 in november. In february was told its still backordered. Changed my order to tsi2 and said it would ship out immediately. Still don’t have it. I may sell the damn thing when it gets here because im so annoyed.
  13. Finally got them in stock in new jersey. Im all stocked up after stalking 2 different costcos for the last few months
  14. Yeah don’t worry about it. Call them up and they’ll replace it
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