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  1. Mine arrived 8 weeks to the day.
  2. An amonia water soaked rag around your neck or under your hat works wonders.
  3. I just got fitted for g425 LST, graphite design AD IZ. Pretty low spin head, low spin shaft with higher launch
  4. This makes the most sense. My current driver shaft is an atmos TS black 6x.
  5. I’m thinking I went wrong with the flex. It’s a 6.0 instead of a 6.5. I’ve got the swing weight where I want it at D1. I can tell when I miss hit it b/c it’ll fly even higher.
  6. Idk if it has to do with it being a 10 year old club head, but I recently tried a HZRDUS smoke yellow, with the loft on lowest, and the spin is still a little too high for my liking. I was recently fitted for a Tour AD IZ 6x shaft for my driver (ping g425) if that helps. I know that’s higher launching low spin but the g425 is pretty low spinning to begin with. My driver swing speed is consistently 110mph. What shafts can best help me keep the spin and ball flight as low as possible?
  7. I was just told 4-8 weeks for the driver
  8. I’d try to find a fitter that has an outside bay with trackman or something. I assume it’s harder to get a true read on a short iron on a simulator.
  9. Got fitted for a driver a couple days ago. The Ventus blue launched lower with more spin and the AD IZ launched higher with less spin. Both 6x, both 9* Same driver head.
  10. Apparently makes the head illegal in competition and just sounds like a band aid fix. I’m gonna experiment with cotton balls in my old driver for fun but when I order my g425 I’ll probably just get the hot melt and offset with lighter head weight.
  11. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest trying out some leather grips. They’re worth the investment. They can last for multiple years with regular use and get better over time. I’ve had the grip master kangaroo leather grips for a little bit. Very easy on the hands and sticky as well, incredible for hot/humid weather. I have 1 of their Kidd leather grips as well, a few bucks cheaper, a tad softer, a tad less sticky.
  12. I got fitted yesterday for the G425 LST w/ tour AD IZ 6x, standard tour velvet grip. What are the odds I'd have this thing by the end of June? If it takes several months to arrive I'll just buy the parts and put it together myself.
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