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  1. I do, I actually wasn’t sure if the website measured them by playing length or raw shaft length. Luckily I had my old shafts as a guide.
  2. So if I order .370 shafts they have to be tip trimmed? My iron hozzles are .370. I’ve got shims for the PX but I might test out some modus 3s. Edit: I may have miss read b/c the trim code is IR1 for the .370 shafts
  3. After about 3 swing weight points is where I start to feel a difference. I like my driver at D0, irons D2, wedges D4. Also tested my driver without the 11 total grams of weights in the head and I could definitely feel a difference in swing speed, mainly on the range after multiple swings in a row. You’ll start feeling the higher weights after like 20 driver swings in a row lol
  4. I’m going to order a new set of iron shafts from Golf Works. Each of their shafts are cut 1.75” longer than what I play at. Do I order the shafts at those lengths, trim them, then compensate for the weight lost with tip weights? For example: Project X LZ 6.0 120g I want the swing weight at D1 ish. I ordered just a 4 iron shaft ahead of the rest. The shaft weight after I trimmed it was 114g. The swing weight with everything on except the tip weight was C7. Do I just order an 8g tip weight to get to D1, call it a day and do the exact same for the rest? Or is there another
  5. I order some new shafts and have being doing some research on making sure the length of the club, particularly the irons, are the correct length for me. The only issue is that I'm seeing 2 different standard lengths of irons everywhere I look. Using a 6 iron for example, the 2 results I get every time I search "standard length irons" are 37" and 37.5" inches for a men's steel 6 iron. Which one of these is correct or up to date?
  6. If I’m deciding between the PX LZ’s and KBS Tours, how do those 2 differ? I like to shape the ball a decent amount, will one shaft allow me to do that a little better than the other?
  7. I like the Crossline full cords. About to re shaft my clubs, might give UTXs a try.
  8. I'm looking to buy a Diamana D+ Limited driver shaft and the only place I can find that has one in stock is this website. https://www.tourshopfresno.com/ I'm sketched out to say the least. Has anyone bought anything from here before?
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