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  1. Time for some spring cleaning. Prices include shipping to the continental U.S.A. via Priority Mail. KBS TGI 80 - 5 thru gap wedge (7 shafts). Originally 0.370, sanded to 0.355. Golf Pride MCC+4 grips. Pure'd. Played for 1 year. $125 - SOLD UST Mamiya Recoil 95 F3 - 5 thru PW (6 shafts). Fresh pulls. Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. $125 - SOLD TPT Golf 18 LKP/MT/SW driver shaft. Golf Pride MCC+4 grip. Played for 2 years. Cobra adapter. $150 - SOLD Project X Cypher Fifty 5.5 driver shaft. Golf Pride MCC+4 grip. Hit 4 dozen balls. Cobr
  2. johnie-O offers similar shorts. They've been running some good sales.
  3. Hopefully sitting on container ships right now. I sure wouldn't launch a new product until I had a solid stock pile first right now.
  4. As mentioned above, shafts will be a major factor for you. SGI or GI - gotta hit them first. Just about every brand will have something with big time forgiveness.
  5. Put one on and see how it feels to you. $10 could change your life - well ok, enjoyment of golf.
  6. A simple test would be to try the ProV1. Individual results can vary per user and often don't align with the marketing on the box.
  7. No matter which ball I hit, I'm confident that this group of responders will be hitting it a 100 yards past me
  8. I actually get more driver and iron spin with the RX than the RXS. Just like all equipment, results may vary per user.
  9. Moving the ball back a bit might help as you surmised. But also check your shoulder alignment. Mine drifted open last year until a pro noticed. Closing them - which really just got me parallel to the target line - really helped me. Good luck
  10. Skechers have been super comfortable for me.
  11. You are right on track. Prime is a series and those numbers are iterations. Confusing indeed as the current offering doesn't have any further designation. Good luck.
  12. Uther is all I use. Great designs that really stand out. Excellent quality.
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