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  1. Hey Powerfade66, thanks for the note and the facts. I just shared what I thought was a great (almost true) story...
  2. Hey everyone, Bantam Ben here. I can think of only one other person who came along at the right time in a major sport to innovate and contribute to a growing sport, such as golf or tennis. If i have overlooked any other major growth sports, my humble apologies. I've teed up (pardon the easy pun) this idea of generating a number of Ben Hogan type podcast episodes, and suspect we have a lot of talent out there to tap into. Wouldn't it be cool to tap into the Lanny Wadkins, Justin Leonard and the many other top flite Hogan tour team members over the years to ask a f
  3. I believe it is possible to obtain a higher value based upon the quality and condition and the story...
  4. would anyone be interested in participating in a Ben Hogan mystique podcast? would be great to make note of the many innovations that Mr. Hogan contributed to the golfing community over the past 40 years.
  5. emlandry, nice to connect with you after the note on your clubs. Suggest you locate a Callaway/Hogan van rep to inquire about the '3'. you may have something desirable here.
  6. I am looking at some '03 Apex irons and in one pic, I see no dots, one dot and two dots on different hosels: Someone has to know, righty?
  7. GxGolfer, I am a recent new member to the forum, and would like to post some ads for clubs I will be selling. I have read thru the T&Cs and realize I am not yet eligible to take out ads. I will be offering these clubs via other platforms, such as ebay, etc., and would like to understand how I might alert the forum to those ads. Thoughts? thanks,
  8. In terms of speculation (which is all that we can do without direct knowledge): IIRC, Tiger has access to his own plane, and may have rec'd counsel from his agent, the docs, and others to make this move. Wish the best for a full recovery and we'll see what that entails over the next year.
  9. After all that's come to light since that day, I wonder if it's possible that the car wasn't so saintlike...
  10. After an early morning round, we headed into the Gentlemen’s lounge for a bite. At the next table, we see Rudy Duran and Tom Loughlin (Billy Jack in the movie by the same name), and his guest, Charlie Sifford, the standout PGA golfer. One thing led to another and soon, we were all a the same table eating and trading golf stories. Mr. Sifford says, I’ve got a great story for you. I was in Vegas in the 60s and played with Joe (Louis) who was a greeter at one of the casinos, and we played with a few big rollers, definitely Italian. A number of people are
  11. The left wing of the gnat, eh? No doubt that these events have been exaggerated over time. Speaking of gnats, remember Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies? Max Bear, Jr. Met him on the driving range; he's 6'4" and 250 at the time and could kill it. Really cool guy on the driving range...
  12. Perhaps a bit of both. If you're that good, it may come across as either.
  13. As it should be. I presume that Tiger Woods stories are even more intense.
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