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  1. I really appreciate all of the feedback. I’ve got one of the roo grips on my PW, and a master perforated on my 7i. After a long 3 hour range session today I can say they both feel amazing! The roo feels a bit better, tackier. I prefer a firm grip so the fact they get really firm in winter is no problem. Only problem is they’re $23 per grip! How long did yours last before having to change them out? What about the tackiness? Is it gonna fade away after a month or two?
  2. Wondering if anyone has experience with The Grip Master golf grips? I’ve tried every grip imaginable to help with my sweaty hands save these. Are they really as amazing as I’ve heard? Last as long as some say they do? They’re quite expensive, so want to get as much feedback possible before making the investment. Thanks!
  3. All valid points, and you’re right about cold weather for sure! One big difference between the two is price. The UTx is $3 cheaper per grip which means you can change them out more often without paying out the nose. Do you think the Z grip lasts longer than UTx?
  4. You’re definitely right about UTx being softer. Have you tried either in wet weather? Wondering which of the two holds up better.
  5. Thanks to the feedback from users in this forum, and a lot of testing this weekend, I’ve finally settled my grip choices down to a Golf Pride Z grip cord or Lamkin UTx. Primary drivers for selecting these are moisture management both in hot, humid weather and rain. Has anyone had experience with both these grips in those conditions? If so, which did you find held up better?
  6. I bought a Lamkin UTx, Lamkin Crossline Cord and Golf Pride Z Grip. After a lot of testing today I’ve narrowed it down to the UTx or Z Grip. Leaning towards the UTx, feels a bit softer than the Z Grip, and it’s also $3.50 per grip cheaper.
  7. You had me at South Louisiana…..I’d say you definitely feel my pain! I’ve always been a Golf Pride guy, have never tried Lamkin grips before. I’ve got Golf Pride Tour Velvet cords on there now. Good grips, but they feel slick to me after a few rounds and especially if they ever get really wet. As long as the greens aren’t completely flooded and there is no lightning I’m playing. How do the Lamkin’s hold up after a good soaking? Do they tear up your hands?
  8. I’ve been on a journey the past months trying to find the best grip/glove combination for wet/humid weather. Unfortunately, I suffer from sweaty hands which is made worse by the humid summer weather in South Carolina and the wet fall/winter months. Every combination I’ve tried the club still slips in my hands! So, I’m wondering, what grip and/or glove have you all found works best for wet/humid weather? Also, how often do you change out your gloves/grips? I practice a lot, so maybe I need to change out my gloves/grips more often? Thank you all in advance for the feedback! Chad
  9. Seriously guys, this DXR version of the Players 3.0 is legit. Everything Hougz79 has said about it is on point.
  10. I received my DXR in the mail today and have to agree with everything you said - the bag is perfect! Even the legs snapped right up after I loaded it up and picked it up. Don’t think I’ll need the tether. Only negative is the cart strap sleeve was not included like it said it would be in the product description on the website. Minor inconvenience, I’ll contact Vessel tomorrow. Everything else is perfect!
  11. Yeah, it’s a minor inconvenience for sure. I’ve noticed lots of other bags have the same problem. I think it’s just nature of the beast with stand bags. Only Vessel has come up with a solution. Another reason to love their bags! I ordered mine Saturday. Fingers crossed it gets here before this weekend! I really appreciate your review of the bag. It was just what I needed to throw me over the edge. Cheers
  12. Have they made any improvements to the legs? They drooped a bit when carrying the bag in my other 3.0. The leg tether they provide solves the issue but was wondering if they might have resolved in this new version. Would prefer not using the tether!
  13. I’ve recently sold my Players 3.0 to a friend and purchased the Players 3.0 DXR. From what I’ve read on another post, the sides on the DXR version are made from a special ballistic nylon that should help with durability. Also, the cart strap sleeve I got when I bought the original 3.0 worked great to keep the cart strap from damaging the bag. I’ve used the Linksmaster on push carts and riding carts with no wear and tear issues from the strap. As for ergonomics, I’d have to say the edge goes to the 3.0. The 6 way top with 3 full length dividers makes it very easy to get clubs in and out. The Linksmaster isn’t difficult by any means, but not as easy as the 3.0. Really, if you’re gonna exclusively ride, either bag would serve you well. I’ll post some comparison photos when the DXR comes in. Cheers!
  14. Thank you sir. This is exactly what I was looking for. Placing my order now!
  15. Vessel recently came out with a different version of their Player 3.0 bag that uses some mysterious DXR material. Does anyone have this bag? How do you like it? I’ve had (and sold) the regular Player 3.0. Just want to make sure this DXR material is as nice and durable as the regular 3.0. Thanks!
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