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  1. That’s the frustrating part and no logical answer!
  2. Does anyone have any pics of the 16 sleeve box?
  3. Hopefully we have a close Sunday finish and a lot of excitement
  4. I think that these are just something different - More a color i’d associate with wedges rather than irons.
  5. Wilson Smartcore, TaylorMade Project (a) and TaylorMade Tour Preferred X
  6. Course management and trying to eliminate the superhero shots - if I can’t get a GIR without doing something crazy just take my medicine and play the percentages.
  7. I personally use a phone app and when compared to someone who’s shot the distance with a range finder I haven’t found then to be substantially off to the point of we messing up the distance
  8. With all the posts about golf balls and comparisons versus other models, that ball are you currently playing and what model are you most interested in trying?
  9. The TaylorMade buy 3 get one personalization promo that ended recently
  10. They are usually pretty close to the finished product with very few of any noticeable differences. Supposed to hear they have a pink tint but thanks for sharing.
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