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  1. What was the flex (e.g. S400, X100)? And did your set go all the way through the PW?
  2. In 2009 I bought a Titleist 19 degree 909H hybrid. It was stolen in 2012. I found one in a bin and bought it again that very same day. Tech has changed and my 4 iron now goes almost as far so I decided to upgrade. I play as a 9, and I went with the TSI3. I tested the TSI2, but the TSI2 was more like a fairway wood. The notion that the TSI3 is for better players is kind of ridiculous. A 2 or 3 iron is for better players. A 2 hybrid is for everybody. Looking at the head size of the TSI3, its about the same size of my 2009 hybrid. So the TSI2 shifted to be more like a fairway wood while the TSI3
  3. I didn't get the same grips that I ordered but who cares. Technically I ordered GP and I got super stroke, but who cares. If you actually got your head and shaft consider yourself extremely lucky. I'm still waiting for half my set after getting custom fit on 1/15. Was told shaft hoping to come in late April..... grips SMH
  4. Ordered custom Zx5 on 1/15 (release date). Was told DG TI S400 shafts were back ordered. Now told they expect to get them in mid-april. Looking at 3+ months best case scenario.
  5. Does anybody know what the lead time is on Titleist clubs at the moment? I really want to get the new TSI hybrid, but I am scared to get fitted and submit a custom order and have it go to the factory. I really don't want to wait 2 months. I got fitted for Srixon Zx5 irons on 1/15. The 4, 6, 7, 8 iron came in last week. The 5 iron came in yesterday, and the 9-GW will come in mid-march if I'm lucky. I have PTSD from this and just can't do it anymore. Wondering if it is even worth getting fitted for a shaft or just finding one on the rack that I can live with, but don't know if Titleist is doing
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