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  1. 2. Did you sign up for the Bridgestone email? YES 3. What Bridgestone golf balls do you want to win? TOUR BX 5. US Open final score prediction (Doesn't change odds of winning)? -11 Thanks!
  2. This is what I've always thought. A muni is owned by the city/county, and isn't really operated to generate a profit as much as it exists to better the community. Seems like "muni" is being used here to mean "public."
  3. This is the real information people reading this thread need.
  4. I've played IB a handful of times this year and I always catch myself thinking the same thing. Rough is patchy in some spots, but the fairways are looking pretty good. And yes, the greens are playing great with the exception of the short par 4 4th. I recall a few barren spots on that one. I got caught behind a slow group during a mid-morning weekend round, but I was expecting that. The other times I've played there have been pretty wide open.
  5. So her struggles somehow less real because of her profession and how much money she makes? This is some dangerous logic.
  6. The rough was equally shaggy when I was there a couple weeks ago. I piped a drive center-ish from a blind tee that couldn't have gone more than 10 feet into the rough. Couldn't find the ball. There are few things more deflating. Maybe the dreaded "two chip."
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