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  1. Hi All, I've never re-shafted a club before. I'd like a new shaft in my TM driver. Is there a retailer that sells shafts with the adapter already installed? Do I need to do it myself? Buy from a pro shop and have them install the adapter?
  2. Just ordered 3 double boxes from the website. I'm not going to hold my breath for the 4.3's.
  3. I picked one up about a month ago. It’s fantastic. Definitely heavy which I love, but has a softer feel due to the milling. I’m loving it.
  4. Weaver Ridge in Peoria last Sunday. A fun but tough course for this high handicapper. Fairways and greens looked great. Rough was thick and needed a trim. You needed a 9 iron or more loft to get any air under your ball. That's a good way to add a bunch of strokes in a hurry. Man, prices are so much more reasonable down there. $60 to ride during a prime weekend slot. That's a great value.
  5. Same. The last month has felt like playing a round in a swimming pool.
  6. Taylormade logo is also very bad.
  7. I’m wondering about the value of getting fit by a single OEM. I’m considering going to an OEM to be fit but I am worried that it may be a waste of time because of the lack of different head options. Thoughts?
  8. I played a course last weekend with a good deal of long rough/prairie grass. My driver wasn't working and I managed to burn through my sleeve of Ksig 3.2's so I started playing a Titleist NXT Tour from the bottom of my bag. Couldn't buy a green. The NXT kept sliding off the back and wouldn't grab. The amount of spin the Ksig generates on the green blows away comparably priced cheap non-urethane balls. My local is still out of 3.2's so I immediately paid the $5 shipping and had a double box sent to my door.
  9. Maple Meadows this past weekend. Conditions were pretty good for $50, which was the lowest price I could find for the holiday weekend. Fairways were green and still a little spongy with little roll out. Man, OB was a killer for this high handicapper. I started pulling 5 wood off the tee on the back 9 which helped with the water and tall grass. Pace was around 4:30, and we waited on every tee. From now on, it's 6am or bust.
  10. I'm playing Maple Meadows for the first time this weekend. I just moved to Dupage County, and man, some of the weekend rates out here are just crazy. Nothing under $50 until twilight. $50 to walk at Maple seems fair enough as some of you here have described it favorably. Can anyone give any intel on the course? How's the walk?
  11. KSig 3.2 still on Costco's website, but haven't been spotted in my local store for nearly a month.
  12. At their $59 weekend rate, I'll pass. They do, however, frequently offer deals in the $25-$35 range which puts me there semi-regularly.
  13. 2. Did you sign up for the Bridgestone email? YES 3. What Bridgestone golf balls do you want to win? TOUR BX 5. US Open final score prediction (Doesn't change odds of winning)? -11 Thanks!
  14. This is what I've always thought. A muni is owned by the city/county, and isn't really operated to generate a profit as much as it exists to better the community. Seems like "muni" is being used here to mean "public."
  15. This is the real information people reading this thread need.
  16. I've played IB a handful of times this year and I always catch myself thinking the same thing. Rough is patchy in some spots, but the fairways are looking pretty good. And yes, the greens are playing great with the exception of the short par 4 4th. I recall a few barren spots on that one. I got caught behind a slow group during a mid-morning weekend round, but I was expecting that. The other times I've played there have been pretty wide open.
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