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  1. The HOF in any sport means absolutely nothing. Peer respect and respect for the sport you play is far greater.
  2. People are absolute trash these days. They don't care about anything but themselves. These screaming jerkoffs are a joke. The Tour will never do anything about it. The Tour almost endorses this pack of screaming garbage. The Tour will be a side show 10 years from now if they don't do something about this.
  3. So Monahan threatens the players and says, It's either us (PGA Tour) or them. This is why I personally hate the PGA Tour. Love golf. Hate the tour. Tour players are private contractors. When they got their card there was no rule that they couldn't play other tours. I hope one of the big names jumps and plays over there. Hopefully said player will sue the PGA Tour if any action is taken against him.
  4. These idiots screaming at tournaments are the same ones that are on the course with music blaring as loud as it will go. Also destroying carts and leaving ball marks everywhere and never put sand in divots. How would you like to play a round of golf behind these misfits.
  5. Hope nobody takes this the wrong way. Club pros are not what they used to be. Most of these younger club pros are nothing but arrogant *****s. Most people hate dealing with them. Especially at the higher end public courses. Some of them are good but the majority are useless.
  6. His swing has held up under pressure. He is a tour winner. He will be back. Things happen. There are multiple tour winners that lose it for a time. He will get it back.
  7. Last time I saw legs like that they had a message tied to them.
  8. That's what I was saying. Don't get me started on salary caps. Being a retired pro athlete I know all about caps as well as arbitration and all kinds of negotiating habits.
  9. The comparison between team sports and the tour is no where near relevant. It has always been the best man that week wins. Take the NHL. If a mediocre goaltender has a great team in front of him and doesn't face as many shots that year his numbers are far better. If it's a contract year for that goaltender he will get a bigger contract. That's just the way team sports work. The tour is a single man sport. You can only rely on yourself on tour. A guy in 50th place on tour should not be making anywhere near the same as the 20th guy on tour. It has been and always will be if you play well on tour
  10. The USGA has not said anything about banning arm lock putting. What exactly has the USGA banned because of Bryson? They may not like him but but they have not banned anything just because of him.
  11. Others did it long before Bryson. Why does everyone think when someone wants something banned or changed it revolves around him. Kuchar started arm locking before Bryson ever left college.
  12. Horschel says ban it. https://www.golfdigest.com/story/billy-horschel-says-arm-lock-putting-should-be-banned-pga-tour
  13. Nope. In the middle of summer the bugs are almost non existent.
  14. A PRIVATE Club admits whoever they want. If you me or anyone else doesn't like that. Oh well. Rules are rules. They have a member board that makes the decisions. Augusta caved to society pressure and has now allowed both blacks and women. No matter what you may think. Augusta can and should be able to do what they want when it comes to membership. Even if I don't agree with it.
  15. Well that should put to bed the speculation that there may be something wrong with the car. If the car somehow had an issue they would be telling everyone.
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